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Five member of the APEC group including their professor set foot on Montreal streets to attend a conference on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy which was held at "Le Centre Sheraton". Understanding the importance of iron fate in hydrometallurgical processes, those brave science-pilgrims overcame the language barrier (which did not really exist, since most Montreal people can speak both French and English), and successfully communicated with the leading experts from industry and academia.


Not only our researchers listened and studied, but also shared their knowledge. Four posters from APEC people were presented:


Ghazal Azimi:

Chemical Modeling of Calcium Sulphate Solubility in Sulphate Media

Sam Roshdi:

Thermodynamic Modeling of the Ammonical Systems in Hydrometallurgy

Ming Huang:

On-line free acidity measurement by conductivity in hydrometallurgical process solutions up to 250oC

Yunjiao Li and Ilya Perederiy:

Recovery of Base Metals from Smelter Slags by Pressure Oxidative Leaching


A former student of APEC, currently a very promising autoclave specialist at Inco, Mike Reid, presented a paper on hematite solubility - research work done for his Master's thesis.


Apart from brain training, our intellectual masters demonstrated a robust attitude towards tourism and explored the labyrinths of Montreal one-way roads in their search for architectural wonders and gourmet restaurants. Even darkness and rain could not stop the brave students and postdoctoral fellows from paying a tribute to Montreal by climbing the muddy slopes of the Royal Mountain (although, a wiser crew member climbed the mountain before the dusk and in a more comfortable way using only well trampled walkways).


In the epilogue we should mention that our scientific pilgrims enjoyed their trip, reduced the entropy of their minds and safely returned to resume their work at University of Toronto.

APEC Group at Beaver Lake

Bonsecours Market at Night

Bonsecours Market in the Daylight