ACE Seminars: Managing Test and Exam Anxiety

Mastering exams takes practice and requires proficient anxiety management. In this interactive workshop, you will develop awareness and understanding of mindfulness and cognitive interventions to help manage test anxiety as you enter exam season. Register online. About ACE Seminars The ACE Seminar Series provides opportunities that will accelerate, cultivate, and empower student success. Through ACE,... Read more »

CARTE Industry Speaker Seminar: Building Data Science Solutions for Personalized Health and Medicine

On February 26th, The Centre for Analytics and AI Engineering (CARTE) hosts Dr. Shiva Amiri, Director of Research Infrastructure at 23andMe, who will discuss building genomic analytics and machine learning platforms for personalized health and drug discovery. Abstract: This seminar will cover building genomic analytics and machine learning platforms for personalized health and drug discovery using the... Read more »

Troost ILead: A Career and Life Clarification Experience

Identify your personal qualities and your unique strengths. Seeing faces, sharing experiences, and connecting in meaningful conversations matter! Join engineer turned career coach Mark Franklin for this highly interactive group discovery experience, and spark meaningful conversation. It is a structured, supportive, and fun virtual event with other like-minded students. It is an invitation to connect... Read more »

Troost ILead: Chart Your Future: Engineering Careers

What kinds of jobs do engineering students even get after earning their degree? Come find out! If you want to get clear about the types of professional roles that exist and are exciting matches for you, come out for Chart Your Future Engineering Careers. In this fun workshop you'll build awareness of the range of... Read more »

SOCAAR Seminar: Optical Trapping and Spectroscopy of Single Aerosol Particles

Dr. Thomas Preston, Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences; Department of Chemistry, McGill University Spherical aerosol particles can act as high-quality factor optical cavities that can support electromagnetic whispering gallery modes (WGMs). When single aerosol particles are held using optical tweezers, spontaneous Raman scattering can be enhanced at wavelengths that are commensurate with... Read more »

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