Graduate Courses

For course requirements for your specific degree program see the MEngMASc and PhD degree requirements.

Our department offers a wide range of for-credit fundamental, specialized, MEng and 500-level courses. In addition, students may also take non-credit writing courses designed to help improve technical writing skills.  We also encourage our students to explore courses offered by other departments in the University.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines to add/drop courses without academic penalty.

Fundamental Courses

Fundamental courses provide students a broad exposure to theories, concepts and processes in the field of Chemical Engineering.  They are open to graduate students in all degree programs.  Most MASc and PhD students are required to take at least one fundamental course.

Specialized Courses

These courses provide students in-depth and focused study in particular areas of Chemical Engineering and related field, and are open to students in all degree programs.  Specialized courses fall into two categoriestechnical and non-technical.  Specialized non-technical courses (a.k.a. APS-courses) are administrated by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

MEng Courses

MEng courses are specifically designed for MEng students to provide them with the opportunity to further develop particular technical skills or knowledge in a specific subject area.  MASc and PhD students may take these courses upon the recommendation of their thesis supervisors.

500 Level Courses

500-level courses are a set of select upper year undergraduate courses that are open to MEng and MASc students.  MEng and MASc students are allowed to take no more than three or one 500-level courses, respectively.

Seminar Courses

Seminar courses expose students to new and emerging research areas relevant to Chemical Engineering and provide the opportunity to practise important presentation skills, particularly those relevant to conference presentations.

Writing Courses

These are non-credit courses designed to help students improve their writing skills.

Courses Offered by Other Graduate Units

Our students are also encouraged to take courses offered by other departments and institutes in the University, including other engineering disciplines, ChemistryEarth SciencesSchool of the EnvironmentEnvironmental ScienceForestryGeographyLawMathematicsMedicinePharmacyPublic HealthPhilosophy, the Rotman School of Management and Statistics.  See a complete list of Graduate Units.