MASc Thesis

An MASc thesis is to be no more than 70 pages, give evidence of mastery of the topic, originality and creativity, and be written and defended in an acceptable manner.  It is desirable that the work reported in the thesis be of such a nature and caliber that it can be published, and should contain sufficient information so that others can replicate the experiments conducted.

With approval from the student’s supervisor, a student may submit a collection of publishable papers as their thesis.  This collection must have a coherent topic with an introduction presenting the general theme of the research and a conclusion summarizing and integrating the major findings.  The minimum requirement is one paper submitted to a good quality, peer-reviewed journal, where the student is the principal contributor.

Previously completed MASc theses are available as pdfs through T-Space, and bound hard copies are available through the General Office Supervisor in the Main Office (WB 217).  Further information on copyright, and document formatting is available here.

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