Departmental Services/Staff Contacts

Wireless Internet Access

UofT’s networks (UofT or UTORwin) are available throughout the Wallberg building.  Access using your UTORid.

Graduate Student Lounge, WB247

The Lounge/Common Room is for use by all graduate students.  You will find newspapers, magazines, comfortable furniture, your mailbox, announcements, vending machines, a coffee machine, microwave ovens, and many other graduate students.  Access using your TCard.

MEng/Undergraduate Study Space, WB242

Daytime access to WB242 is available to MEng students.

MEng Lockers, outside the Graduate Student Lounge, WB247

Full-time and Extended full-time MEng students may request a locker through the Graduate Assistant.  Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Photocopiers, WB16

A cash copy card may be purchased in WB16 or obtained from your supervisor.

Laptop and Projector, WB217

Student may borrow a laptop or projector for presentations on a first-come, first-serve basis from the Departmental Assistant in the Main Office (WB217).

Theses and Projects, WB217

Copies of previously completed University of Toronto MASc and PhD theses are available electronically through TSpace.  Hard copies of theses from 2008 or earlier, and all MEng Project Reports can be borrowed through the General Office Supervisor in the main office (WB217).

Frequently-used Contacts:

WhatWhoWhereContact Information
Graduate student and administrative matters, Scholarships, Fellowships, Advising Final Oral ExamsPauline Martini
Graduate Administrator
Graduate student and administrative matters, Admissions, MEng lockers*Joan Chen
Graduate Assistant
Graduate academic mattersRadhakrishnan Mahadevan
Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator
MEng Academic AdvisorProfessor J.
Department mattersProfessor D.G. Allen
Deptartment Chair
Safety training,
departmental thesis and project report archive
Rodney Gensell
Departmental Assistant
Building keys
Laptop & projectors reservations
Room booking
Photocopy cards
Fax messages***
Rodney Gensell
Departmental Assistant
TCard activation for access to the Graduate Student Lounge and MEng Student Study SpaceDan Tomchyshyn
Network Administrator
Shipping & Receiving,
Phil Milczarek
Manager, Purchasing & Building Services
Payroll (Research Assistantship, Stipend)Julie Mendonça
Payroll Administrator
Teaching Assistantship (TA)Jo-Anne Wilson
Undergraduate & Graduate Office Assistant
Expense reimbursementArlene Smith
Business Officer

* Full-time MEng students are entitled to a locker, located outside the Graduate Student Lounge (WB247). Contact the Graduate Assistant to sign out a locker.
** All MEng students are given day access to WB242.
*** Incoming faxes, mail and messages will be kept in the departmental Main Office (WB217) for one day, then placed in the graduate student’s mailbox in the Graduate Student Lounge (WB247).