2012 LOT Award Recipients

By: Cecilia Konney

Every year, the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry honours our students who have given their time in making a difference within the lives of others by risking, daring and contributing to our great education enterprise. Their commitment to themselves and others has made them an outstanding choice as this year’s recipient of Leaders of Tomorrow 2013. 

Second Year – The Professor James W. Smith LOT Award

Recipient: Stephanie Fata

Stephanie understands the importance of developing abilities that will make her a better person in her career, her life and especially for others. She had dedicated her free time to groups and activities, which have allowed her to learn, develop and grow her skills so that she can assist in effecting change.

Third Year – The Class of 5T9 LOT Award

Recipients: Lobna El Gamma and Patrick Polvorosa 

This year we had two winners for the Class of 5T9 LOT Award. Lobna and Patrick have contributed so much during the year that they were well deserving of the award.

Lobna is driven by her beliefs and her values, which have allowed her to serve the community at both the local and global level. She believes that knowledge is empowering and that by spreading that knowledge as a role model creates a better world.  It allows her to give back to the community-at-large. Leadership is also about self-reflection and awareness, which allows her to improve on whom she is as an individual.

To Patrick, leadership is all about leading by example and so he has taken that responsibility to task. He has increased his involvement in various organizations throughout the department and has also assisted in increasing the involvement of others. Community involvement is important in developing initiatives and exploring his passion, and he encourages everyone to do the same.

Fourth Year – The Troost Family LOT Award

Recipient:  Kelly-Marie Melville 

As the President of the National Society of Black Engineers and with her involvement in Visions of Science, Kelly knows that effective leadership is to help those in need.  Realizing that students who are socially disadvantaged are not always given the best opportunity or hope to become successful. Kelly hopes to open a non-for-profit organization in the Caribbean that assists in tertiary education development of youth to encourage them to study in the field of applied sciences.

The ERCO Worldwide LOT Award

Recipient:  Albert Huynh 

Albert’s past, whether consciously or not has led him to teach and to inspire others.  Now looking forward, Albert looks towards continuous improvement, in areas that most others are afraid to challenge. It’s about learning from the past and creating a future to lead inspiration in education, culture and society in general.

Congratulations to all our Recipients! Continue to do what you do best, teach, lead and inspire.

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