Andrew White and CHAR Technologies

Andrew White (oT8, MASc 1T0) and his U of T research spinoff, CHAR Technologies, makes the production of renewable natural gas more affordable, sustainable and streamlined. (Read more about CHAR Technologies.)

“We developed a cost-effective, convenient and zero-waste cleaning solution,” the chemical engineering grad says.

The idea sparked when White toured a renewable natural gas plant in 2009 and was astonished by the waste generated in the filtering process. White finished his master’s work in 2010 and began commercializing a research innovation that transforms corrosive chemical trash into agricultural treasure in the form of sulfur-rich fertilizer. He launched the resulting company, CHAR Technologies, in 2011.

Leaders in Canada’s energy landscape say the economic potential of CHAR Technologies could have an impact on a national scale, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada has injected $750,000 into the company.

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