Another successful year at UnERD

On Tuesday, August 14 our summer students presented at the Undergraduate Engineering Research Day. Three of our students went home with prizes.

Among all podium presentations delivered, Andrew Pickering (ChemE 1T8+PEY) won second place for his talk entitled, Sustained release of a thermostabilized mutant of Chondroitinase ABC for treatment of spinal cord injury. He also received top honours for all podium and poster presentations given in the Materials Science & Biomaterials category.

Alicia Hill Turner (ChemE 2T0) and Ge Lan Wang (ChemE 2T0) both received top honours for their presentations given in the Chemical Engineering & Engineering Education category. The title of Turner’s project is Organic pollutants in house dust after the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfires. The title of Wang’s project is Stability and Retention Rate of Iron in Triple Fortified Salt under different storage conditions.

Congratulations to our winners and all students who participated in UnERD 2018!

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