Canada’s Top School by Reputation 2018: University of Toronto

This morning Maclean’s named the University of Toronto Canada’s Top School by Reputation for 2018. With almost 90,000 students, 14,000 faculty and a network of almost 600,000 alumni, the University of Toronto is often described as a “city within a city.” Students from across the globe are drawn to the school’s 700-plus undergrad and almost 300 graduate programs for a world-class education at the institution that turned out grads including Margaret Atwood, Adrienne Clarkson, David Cronenberg and Michael Ondaatje. In fact, the number of foreign students who accepted admissions in 2017 rose 20 per cent over the previous year. A recent report in the Boston Globe cites the school’s cultural diversity as one of the reasons for the influx.

A glance around the university’s three campuses reveals that the student body reflects the multicultural city that surrounds them. And a big part of what students love about U of T is its location. The leafy-green and bustling St. George campus is located in the middle of downtown, while the Mississauga and Scarborough campuses cover the east and west of the city, and have a more suburban feel. Read the full Maclean’s story by Jennifer Goldberg, which features a photo of Yaji Ke (ChemE 2T0) performing a titration in Professor Jennifer Farmer’s lab.

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