ChemE Grads to Watch

Oluwatobi Edun (ChemE 1T7 + PEY), Natalia Mykhaylova (ChemE PhD 1T8) and Elizabeth White (ChemE 1T7+PEY) have made the Faculty’s 2018 “15 Grads to Watch” list.

At Spring Convocation on June 19, 2018, more than 1,400 U of T Engineering students will mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

Having enriched the U of T Engineering community as undergraduate and graduate students, they will join our vibrant, global network of Skule™ Alumni, where they will continue to address pressing challenges around the world and inspire the next generation.

This year’s 15 “Grads to Watch” embody the spirit of U of T Engineering. Read more about their next steps!

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