ChemE student Olga Misic wins Rona Hatt award

A new ambassador and role model for women in engineering has joined the illustrious list of Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation scholarship recipients. The Foundation is proud to announce that Olga Misic (ChemE 1T9), a chemical engineering student at the University of Toronto is the recipient of the CEMF Rona Hatt Chemical Engineering Ambassador Award.

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded in memory of Rona Hatt, the first known woman in Canada to become a chemical engineer. This will be awarded annually to the most promising woman studying chemical engineering.

Olga Misic is a second-year chemical engineering student at the University of Toronto. Neuroscience, medicine and environmental studies were considerations before Olga decided on chemical engineering. She made her decision after learning about the sustainable energy and environmental engineering applications. Olga wants to obtain a Minor in Sustainable Energy and a Certificate in Business in order to give herself the economical perspective required to ensure that technologies are adopted and projects are successful.

Ms. Misic is the Director of Marketing of the Professional Outreach club whose mission is to educate engineering students on the interrelated nature of engineering and policy. She is also a member of the Association of Leadership in Chemical Engineering which teaches leadership through practice as opposed to using theory, this reflects her belief that becoming a leader cannot be taught, it can only be guided.

In her free time, Olga enjoys playing volleyball, cooking and reading. Believing that obtaining an engineering education opens many doors and prepares individuals to face the challenges of the future, Ms. Misic is very proud of her achievements and has grown both intellectually and emotionally since beginning her degree.

Since 1990, the Foundation has been promoting engineering as a career choice for young Canadian women through its extensive scholarship program, a website that attracts thousands of new visitors a month, social media programming, and scholarship winner presentations to high school students.

Ms. Misic will receive her scholarship certificate at the CEMF Awards Dinner in September in Ottawa.

“It is heartening to see so many qualified and capable applicants. This makes our job to choose just one, very hard,” says Julie Lassonde, CEMF President. “Ms. Misic is a worthy award winner and we look forward to watching her continue to help connect young Canadians, through her passionate volunteerism, with engineering and its vast possibilities as a viable career choice for other young ladies. We’re delighted to see that her infectious enthusiasm for engineering, and are thrilled to be supporting her in her future endeavours.”

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