ChemE’s 2024 Student Life Catalyst Award winners recognized at convocation reception

ChemE’s 2024 Student Life Catalyst Award winners were recognized at this year’s convocation reception. The Student Life Catalyst Awards recognize deserving undergraduate and graduate students for their significant contributions to the ChemE student-life experience. Congratulations to this year’s winners!


Trisytn is handed his award and shakes hands with Ramin

Tristyn Alexander Haghgoo (ChemE 2T3 + PEY)

Tristyn has demonstrated leadership throughout his undergraduate career by supporting the virtual and hybrid delivery of F!rosh Week 2T0 and 2T1 as a Leedur; as a member of Chem Club where he took on the role of 3rd year class representative to help support students academically as they transitioned back to in-person learning; and as 4th year class representative to support students during their final year of the program. Tristyn was also a PEY class representative with CSChE where he focused on improving the professional and social aspects of student life. Congratulations Tristyn!


Mimi is handed her award and shakes hands with RaminMimi Le (ChemE 2T3 + PEY)

Mimi has made significant contributions to the Skule community by organizing impactful events like SRHacks, Science Rendezvous, and alumni engagement initiatives. As a co-founder of SRHacks, she helped ignite STEM interest among young students and foster early engagement; her leadership in Science Rendezvous helped showcase UofT’s research to the public and elevate the university’s profile, and as a past Skule Alumni Outreach Director, she strengthened student connectivity while celebrating academic excellence through organizing events like dinner dances and conferences. Congratulations Mimi!


Hannah is handed her award and shakes hands with RaminHannah Kot (ChemE 2T3 + PEY)

Hannah has been an active member of the chemical engineering and broader university community, including Orientation Week, Chem Club, and Your Next Career Network (YNCN). As YNCN President, Hannah led a team of 60 students in creating professional development events, resources, and career fairs for over 6000 students across the UofT STEM community. With YNCN, Hannah also founded an Inclusivity and Accessibility Sub-Team, further supporting her goal of creating welcoming student communities. Congratulations Hannah!


Natasha is handed her award and shakes hands with RaminNatasha Pereira (ChemE 2T3 + PEY)

As Co-President of UTESCA, Natasha led a team in facilitating connections between over 500 engineering students and top-tier consulting firms and organized successful events like UTESCA’s inaugural case competition. She also spearheaded sustainability projects and promoted student leadership for Engineers Without Borders, held the position of chair at the Represent Institute Conference, and served as an Orientation Leader for three years at UofT Engineering’s F!rosh Week, where she focused on helping international students find support and connection during the pandemic. Congratulations Natasha!


Maryam is handed her award and shakes hands with RaminMaryam Sadegh Mousavi (ChemE PhD 2T4)

A graduate student from our PhD program. Maryam is Vice-President of Student Affairs at CEGSA and has provided leadership in campaigning for student rights and health benefits, as well as rights reforms for TAs, helping to improve their job security and financial stability. She participated in the CHE Mentorship Program to help new graduate students transition into their studies, and she worked with Mitacs to provide guidance to international undergraduate interns. Additionally, Maryam contributed to CUPE 3902 and ISC committees, impacting student welfare and advocating for a positive student experience. Congratulations Maryam!