Federal Government Supports Fundamental Tools in Service of New Materials Frontiers

The Government of Canada has awarded $4.6 million in funding for the new Ontario Centre for Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced a total of $33 million from its Leading Edge Fund and New Initiatives Fund in support of world-class research at the University of Toronto, of which $10 million was designated to three projects in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

“Our primary purpose is to provide the latest tools in the investigation of advanced materials that enable technologies vital to Canadian economic competitiveness and quality of life,” said Charles Mims, OCCAM’s principle investigator and professor of chemical engineering and applied chemistry at U of T. “Understanding materials properties and their relationship to performance is the key factor in ensuring the longevity and safety of technological areas such as renewable energy, and health and biomedical devices.” To read more, click here.

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