Levente Diosady receives Engineers Canada’s highest honour

Prof. Levente Diosady (ChemE) has received the 2018 Engineers Canada Gold Medal Award, the organization’s highest honour, recognizing exceptional individual achievement and distinction in engineering. A world-renowned food engineer, Diosady has spent much of his career developing techniques for fortifying staple foods with micronutrients to improve human health.

Over the past 15 years, Diosady has led the development of techniques for fortifying salt with iron and iodine to prevent micronutrient deficiency diseases, which affect over two billion people worldwide. While it has long been a widespread practice to fortify salt with iodine, double-fortification was seen as impossible, as iodine is lost after the addition of iron.

Diosady eventually solved this problem through microencapsulation, coating the iron particles with a barrier of vegetable fat. In a trial involving more than 3 million children in India, some one million children were cured of anemia by simply replacing the salt used in preparing school lunches with Diosady’s double fortified salt. This salt is now being distributed to more than 60 million people in India. Read full story.

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