LOT Award Winners 2014

As a leader, you recognize that effective leadership requires you to give your time to making a difference within the lives of others, by risking, daring and contributing to your academic community. The newest recipients of the Leaders of Tomorrow 2014 awards have made a commitment to lead passionately throughout the academic year. The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry has honoured seven our students with leadership awards.

Students in Second Year
The Professor James W. Smith LOT Award
Recipient: Haroon Dawood

Haroon believes leadership is about being involved in your community; whether it is through school, social community or religious associations, he strives to make a contribution in everything he does. Through his leadership development, he has acquired many skills, such as the ability to make decisions, critical thinking and systems analysis, all of which he has used in his personal and academic life.

Students in Second Year
The Class of 8T2 Emerging Leaders Award in Chemical Engineering
Recipient: Stephanie Gaglione

Stephanie has a passion for student development, so her leadership involvement focuses on encouraging participation in various events, assisting in recruitment and leading professional development initiatives. 
She accepts that at times, as a leader, there may be setbacks, but humility, maturity and confidence are key traits that develop to make you a successful leader.

Students in Third Year
The Class of 5T9 LOT Award
Recipient: Madonna Khalil

Madonna knows that being a leader is about giving back, so as mentor to children outside of the university, she teaches skills such as kindness, confidence and being a part of a team unit. As a student, Madonna participates as a Student Ambassador for the Centre of International Experience, assisting students transitioning to Toronto.

Students in Third or Fourth Year
The ERCO Worldwide LOT Award
Recipient: Lobna El Gammal

As a graduating fourth year student Lobna is ready to take her values and beliefs to a new level. She has successfully empowered herself with strong leadership development, which has aligned with her academic experience. She has invested in leadership and education research and learning through a past summer research position, with the completion of a thesis project, and the completion of many certificates in leadership development. As well, Lobna is mentor to secondary school students, has taken on a role as a camp counselor and was the past logistics chair of SPEAKout Poetry. Lobna believes that leadership should be about being actively engaged in doing leadership.

Students in Fourth Year
The Troost Family LOT Award
Recipient: Larissa Rodo

Larissa knows that an important aspect of leadership is the level of personal communication and relationship development she has made throughout her academic journey. In her final year as a graduate of chemical engineering, she also knows that leadership doesn’t end after convocation; it is a life long learning commitment that needs to be continuously strengthened. Her dedication to the faculty, staff and, most of all, her fellow students has increased the engagement level amongst all within the Department, which has given her incredible opportunities in her personal growth.

Graduate Student
The Douglas Reeve LOT Award
Recipients: Natalia Mykhaylova & Beverly Bradley

This year we had two winners for the Douglas Reeve LOT Award, Natalia Mykhaylova and Beverly Bradley.

Natalia believes there are 3 qualities to an effective leader: the ability to lead change, the ability to inspire and align people to make change and the ability to learn from the past. She’s on a leadership journey. Her desire to solve problems, makes changes and find solutions to be developed, is what motivates her to do the things she does. She has completed a 6-month volunteer consulting project for Tides Canada, a non-profit organization, and currently serves as the Co-chair of Troost ILead: Graduate. Both opportunities have increased her leadership skills by leading for change.

Beverly has volunteered in numerous programs and initiatives, which have enhanced her learning in leadership. Her diverse experience in engineering has increased her skills in facilitation, communication, teaching and mentorship. Her personal goal is to continue her growth in leadership and self-discovery in order for her to make positive contributions to the students that she mentors and supervises at the university.
Congratulations to all our recipients! Continue to do what you do best, teach, lead and inspire.

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