OCCAM’s Official Grand Opening draws in crowd


From L-R: Peter Brodersen (OCCAM), Sal Boccia (OCCAM), Michele Beaudry (CFI), Doug Perovic (OCCAM, MSE), Jun Nogami (MSE), Jane Kirkwood (MRI/MEDEI), Rana Sodhi (OCCAM), Charles Mims (OCCAM, ChemE), Grant Allen (ChemE)

On Thursday, May 12, over 200 people across 58 organizations spanning academia, industry and government attended the Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) Official Grand Opening in the Wallberg Building. OCCAM contains leading-edge equipment for imaging, analyzing and manipulating materials with nanometre-scale precision. These insights will help researchers understand the natural world and design better devices, from dental implants to microchips, solar cells, aircraft and much more. Read full story. To view pics from the Grand Opening’s lunch and closing reception, click here.

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