Young alumnus leading change in health care

Romy Seth (ChemE 1T1) has been making his mark as VP at Ferghana Partners and co-founder of Medinas, a company utilizing a market approach to reducing wasted medical supplies. Seth was recently recognized in Canada’s Next 150 Future Leaders Campaign and won the Forbes Global Change the World Competition – both honours pay tribute to young innovators/entrepreneurs making a positive impact on the world.

In his VP role at Ferghana, Seth is leading investments in cutting edge technologies and research towards the commercialization for new healthcare and biotechnologies. His recent investments include a genome editing company that is developing a cure for HIV; a breast cancer diagnostic test that a blood test, which can rule out if a patient has breast cancer with 99% percent accuracy; and a brain cancer drug treatment that has extended patient lifespan greater than 30% to standard of care.

Seth’s future goals are to focus on building a better future and improving the lives of others across the globe and supporting startups that focus on that goal. He is currently advising an Ottawa-based immuno-oncology company that has a novel treatment for acute leukemias. Through his company Medinas, he is also helping healthcare organizations monetize their near-expiry and surplus medical supplies to reduce costs helping healthcare practices save money, so they can help save lives.

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