Surface and Interface Engineering

STACY_XSSurfaces and interfacial properties control the performance of materials in many diverse research areas in our department and beyond, including medicine, electronics, fuel cells and advanced energy research, composites, catalysis, geology, forestry and paper products and environmental science and technology. Our department is home to two advanced facilities for the study of surface and interfacial chemistry that together represent a world-leading environment for the study of surfaces and interfaces:  Surface Interface Ontario (SI-Ont) and the Ontario Centre for the Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM). These provide core experimental capabilities including mass/electron spectroscopy and electron microscopy.

Please see the Surface Interface Ontario web site for a more extensive list of related research efforts.

Cluster Members:

ChemEOther departments and organizations
Cluster Leader: C. Mims
D.G. Allen
G. Azimi
E. Bobicki
Y.-H. (Cathy) Chin
N. DeMartini
G.J. Evans
F. Foulkes
C.Q. Jia
D.W. Kirk
A.P. McGuigan
R. Newman
A. Ramchandran
D.W. Reeve
B. Saville
M.V. Sefton (IBBME)
M.S. Shoichet (IBBME)
R. Sodhi
H.N. Tran
N. Yan
C.M. Yip (IBBME)
J. Brash (McMaster)
P. Cooper (Forestry)
C. Goh (Chemistry)
G. Henderson (Earth Sciences)
P. Herman (ECE)
U. Krull (Chemistry)
E. Kumacheva (Chemistry)
S. Liss (Queen’s University)
R. Pelton (McMaster)
R. Pilliar (Dentistry)
H. Ruda (MSE)
M. Sain (Forestry)
P. Santerre (Dentistry)
S. Scott (Geology)
M. Thompson (Chemistry)
S. Thorpe (MSE)
K.A. Woodhouse (Queens U.)