Adding, dropping and auditing a course

Adding (enrolling in) Courses

To enroll in a course, log into ACORN/ROSI using your UTORid.  Have relevant information on hand, including:

  • Course code (e.g., CHE1310H)
  • Section Code:  usually F, S or Y and indicates whether the course is offered in the Fall (F), Winter (S) session, or continues through both the fall and winter sessions (Y). Summer courses may be May-June (F), July-August (S), or June-August (Y).
  • Teaching Method: Almost all graduate courses have a teaching method of LEC (lecture).
  • Teaching Section: Unless otherwise stated, the teaching section for a graduate course is (0101).  Although there may be only one teaching section the information must still be entered on the system.

Non-Engineering departments may require additional approval for you to take one of their courses, even if you are able to enroll in the course through ACORN/ROSI.  Check the website of the non-engineering department offering the course, or if in doubt, complete the SGS Add/Drop Courses form, have the Chem Eng Grad Office sign it, and submit it to the department offering the course.

The following course status codes may appear in ACORN/ROSI:

  • REQ: Course requested.  Must be resolved/approved by the last date to add a course.
  • INT: Course requested pending instructor approval in addition to coordinators’/advisor’s approval.
  • APP: Request approved.  Student is enrolled in course.
  • REF: Request denied.  Student is not enrolled and may not make another request for this course via ACORN/ROSI during this session.
  • CAN: Course cancelled (student withdrew from course before deadline)
  • WAIT: No Room in the meeting section.  Student has been placed on a waiting list based on category and will be enrolled automatically if space comes available.
  • DWAIT: Student has cancelled place on the waiting list or been removed.
  • If you encounter problems adding a course in ACORN/ROSI and the error message you receive is not clear, take note of it and contact the Graduate Assistant.

Dropping (cancelling) a Course

Courses are dropped through ACORN/ROSI.  If you encounter problems dropping a course in ACORN/ROSI and the error message you receive is not clear, take note of it and contact the Graduate Assistant.

Auditing a Course

If you want to attend a course, but not hand in assignments or be graded on the course, ask the instructor teaching the course if you can audit (“sit in”) on it.  There is no enrolment form, it does not appear on your transcript, and no documentation is provided that would confirm your attendance in the course.  Please note that auditing a course is at the discretion of the course instructor.

Courses “Extra” to Degree

If you want to take a course  – i.e. complete all required coursework and receive a grade for the course but do not want the course/grade to count towards your degree – you can take the course as “EXTra”.  After adding the course in ACORN/ROSI, email the Graduate Assistant, requesting that the course is to be extra to degree.  This request must be received by the course drop deadline for the academic session the course is being held in.