Current Student Research Opportunities

Faculty members in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry frequently look for students to help out with research projects. These projects are suitable for a Fourth Year thesis (CHE499Y, or ESC499Y), a project for a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree, or a Summer Research project in the Summer Research Abroad program.

All faculty have research projects for students. Not all projects are listed below. You can contact faculty members directly to inquire about other possible projects or to propose your own project.

Project Descriptions and Contact Information

Characterization of an extremophilic alga for recovery of rare earths from waste

Engineering a bioreactor for the growth G. sulphuraria biofilms

Intelligent Design of Biomaterials for Mucoadhesion

Microplastic contamination in urban stormwater - application deadline September 24, 2021

Sample Analysis and Mill Balances For Mill Sampling Campaign

Solubility studies for P in the recaust cycle of kraft pulp mills

Understanding the effect of salinity on algal biofilm formation

Comparing encapsulation processes by spray drying and for interface coagulation

Making of proteins for diabetes prevention from granado beans

Development of method for field testing for folic acid in salt

Development of method for field testing for iodine in salt

Microencapsulation of micronutrients for tea fortification

Microencapsulation of micronutrients for salt fortification

Investigation of Pichia Pastoris strains for the successful production and characterization of Auxiliary Activity family 7 enzymes (AA7s)

Using growth conditions to control the production of valuable products from algae

Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunities

Predictive Analytics in Process Engineering: A Case Study

Modelling the relationship between landfill-leachate parameters and concentration of methane in the biogas

The effect of solvent type and temperature on the rate and extent of solubilization of water in diluted bitumen

The effect of solvent type and temperature on the interfacial tension of the water-bitumen interface

Engineering Education Research

Projects in Air Pollution, Health and Climate

Stability of Added Vitamins During Food Preparation

Phosphorous in the Causticization Plant of Pulp Mills – Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies

Effect of thermal hydrolysis on anaerobic digestion of pulp & paper mill sludge under semi-continuous flow regime

Air pollutant emissions from the oil sands and impact on the local First Nations community: Fort McKay

Improving performance of a solar-battery powered remote air quality monitoring site

Testing a low cost air pollutant sensor system (AirSENCE) in the oil sands region

Projects in Food Engineering

Solid-state anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste in sequentially fed leach beds and upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor (UASB)

Enzyme discovery and development for the functionalization of industrial lignins

Analysis of Samples From Full-scale Pulp and Paper Mill Anaerobic Digesters

Projects in Air Pollution, Health and Climate

Engineering Education Research: Collaborative Specialisation in Engineering Education

Adsorption Guided Photocatalysis

Projects in the Green Technologies Lab

Developing Novel Processes for Copper Patination as a Green Building Material

Optimizing enzymatic conversion of xylan to xylitol through reducing non-productive adsorption to lignin

Metabolic Engineering for Bio-Nylon Production

Development of an image analysis pipeline for live imaging of tumour cell culture

Development and assessment of a novel polyester for biomedical device applications

Drop breakup via tip streaming and satellite drop formation for the water-bitumen system at high temperatures

Controlled collision of two microscale droplets in a microfluidic device: studying the effects of viscosity on droplets coalescence

The interfacial tension of the water-bitumen interface at high temperatures using a microfluidic extensional flow device

M.Eng/MASc project in Biomining

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