Current Student Research Opportunities

Faculty members in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry frequently look for students to help out with research projects. These projects are suitable for a Fourth Year thesis (CHE499Y, or ESC499Y), a project for a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree, or a Summer Research project in the Summer Research Abroad program.

All faculty have research projects for students. Not all projects are listed below. You can contact faculty members directly to inquire about other possible projects or to propose your own project.

Project Descriptions and Contact Information

Air pollutant emissions from the oil sands and impact on the local First Nations community: Fort McKay

Analysis of liquid and solid samples from a pulp and paper mill

Applying machine learning to biomaterials design

Aspen Simulations

Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship (CMTE) projects using machine learning and data science related to operations and finance with industry sponsors

Chemical Engineering Education: Chemical Engineering Curriculum Revitalization Project

Comparing encapsulation processes by spray drying and for interface coagulation

Data Science and Analytics in Engineering Education I

Data Science and Analytics in Engineering Education II

Development of method for field testing for folic acid in salt

Development of method for field testing for iodine in salt

Engineering Education Research

Engineering of organic solar cells

Enzyme discovery and development for the functionalization of industrial lignins

Evaluating hot-water extraction samples from industrial biomass feedstocks

Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Ionic Clays

Feasibility Study of Producing In-House Biodiesel to Supply Fuel on Campus

Green synthesis nanofiber membrane for efficient oil water separation

Improving performance of a solar-battery powered remote air quality monitoring site

Intelligent Design of Biomaterials for Mucoadhesion

Investigation of Pichia Pastoris strains for the successful production and characterization of Auxiliary Activity family 7 enzymes (AA7s)

Making of proteins for diabetes prevention from granado beans

MEng Student Researcher - Literature Review for Selenium Removal Cost Analysis

Metabolic Engineering for Bio-Nylon Production

Microencapsulation of micronutrients for salt fortification

Microencapsulation of micronutrients for tea fortification

Multifunctional sensors array for smart skin applications

Obtaining informative data of water contamination in the Thunder Bay area relative to known acute myeloid leukemia clusters

Phosphorous in the Causticization Plant of Pulp Mills – Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies

Plastic waste and biowaste pyrolysis

Postdoctoral Fellow opportunities in electrochemistry and corrosion control

Project PS002-2022: Modelling and Simulation of Frosting Behaviour in Contact Ambient Air Vaporizers

Projects in Air Pollution, Health and Climate

Projects in Food Engineering

Projects in the Green Technologies Lab

Sample Analysis and Mill Balances For Mill Sampling Campaign

Scale up of a set of materials we developed in the dye and pigment space

Solar photocatalysis for chemical production

Solubility studies for P in the recaust cycle of kraft pulp mills

Stability of Added Vitamins During Food Preparation

Testing a low cost air pollutant sensor system (AirSENCE) in the oil sands region

The case for Blue Hydrogen: A carbon footprint study

Using growth conditions to control the production of valuable products from algae