Purchasing & Receiving

The Department’s Purchasing & Receiving office is located in Room WB16 of the Wallberg Building. The Purchasing/Stores Coordinator can be reached by phone at 416-978-5504.

Purchasing & Receiving Services Available

Departmental and University Purchase/Blanket Orders:

  • Assistance to faculty, staff and students with Departmental and University Purchase Orders or Departmental Blanket Orders for purchasing goods.

Delivery and Receiving of Shipments:

  • Delivery of shipments to and from the Department will be arranged. When packages arrive, the packing slips will be checked against goods received and recipients contacted to arrange for delivery and/or pick-up as required.
  • Assistance with resolving any irregularities and discrepancies in orders if needed.
  • Assistance with larger shipments out of the building. Regular courier service will still be handled by the main office (Room 217).

Office/Lab Supplies:

  • A small inventory of regular, everyday office supplies will be kept down in WB16 for faculty, staff, and researchers, including the supply of printer paper.
  • An inventory of lab coats, safety glasses/goggles, gloves, gas cylinders for students and research staff will be maintained. A short requisition form must be completed prior to issuing any supplies so the items can be billed to the appropriate account. Students and research personnel must have their supervisor’s signature for authorization.
  • Cash sales of laboratory items to the undergraduate students (i.e., lab coats, safety glasses, hard hats, etc.). Please note that there will be no “stores” for laboratory glassware and chemicals.

Gas Cylinders:

  • There will be a small supply of common gas cylinders stored in WB16 for emergencies. Researchers should in general order their cylinder requirements through the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator as needed. When received, the researcher’s name will be put on the cylinder and call you for pick-up. The Purchasing/Stores Coordinator will assist with gas cylinder pick-up. Please do not take any gas cylinder without authorization from the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator.

Old Furniture, Cardboard Boxes, etc:

  • Any used furniture that needs to be disposed of should be brought down to WB16. Nothing should be left in the corridor outside labs or placed in basement under stairwells. This is against Fire Code. No items of this nature should be put into the receiving/storage area without authorization from the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator. Items for disposal should be placed in the appropriate area (as specified by the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator) depending on if it is to go to UofT Swap shop, waste pick-up, or if it is good condition, put into the Department’s storage area. Cardboard boxes, or other items for the trash bin should be brought there directly and not left in the receiving area.


  • In-house photocopy services will not be provided. There is a photocopier located in WB16 for staff and student use with a copy card or with a code. There is also a copier in WB214 for staff use available through code only. If you need to do a large photocopy job, we have an account at Image Express across the road. There is a form to be filled in (available in WB16 or WB217) that can be brought to Image Express with your requirements. Image Express will bill us on a monthly basis. The Purchasing/Stores Coordinator will assist you in this matter.