Department Committees and Membership

Advancement Committee: Sonia De Buglio, Ramin Farnood (Chair), Elizabeth Flannery, Jennifer Hsu, Adria Miller, Jenny Weatherholtz
Curriculum Committee
: Edgar Acosta, Will Cluett (Chair), Jennifer Farmer, Chris Lawson, Krishna Mahadevan, Elodie Passeport, Jay Werber, Lydia Wilkinson
Graduate Academic Appeals Committee: Gisele Azimi, Noel Devaere, Elizabeth Edwards, Charles Jia, Alison McGuigan, Roger Newman, Vladimiros Papangelakis (Chair), Molly Shoichet, Ning Yan
Graduate Studies Committee: Gisele Azimi, Noel Devaere, Elizabeth Edwards, Charles Jia, Alison McGuigan, Roger Newman, Molly Shoichet (Chair), Ning Yan
Health & Safety Committee: Alexander Dean (co-Chair), Rosa DiLeo, Jennifer Farmer, Jane Howe, Phil Milczarek, Nivetha Pandi, Bradley Saville (co-Chair), Geoff Shirtlliff-Hinds, Endang Susilawati, Dan Tomchyshyn, Director of Facilities & Operations (TBD)
Honours & Awards Committee
: Ramin Farnood, Jennifer Hsu, Charles Jia (Chair)
LLE Speaker Selection Committee: Gisele Azimi, Ramin Farnood, Krishna Mahadevan, Emma Master, Alison McGuigan, Milica Radisic, Jay Werber (Chair)
MEng Admissions Committee: Ramin Farnood, Daniela Galatro, Charles Jia (Chair), Sarah Johns
Peer Review Panel: Gisele Azimi, Cathy Chin, Ramin Farnood, Frank Gu, Chris Yip, Emma Master, Milica Radisic (Chair), Michael Sefton
PTR Committee: Tim Bender, Ramin Farnood (Chair), Daniela Galatro, Emma Master, Vlad Papangelakis, Molly Shoichet
Research Partnership Committee:
Cathy Chin, Niko DeMartini, Wil de Vega, Ramin Farnood (Chair), Frank Gu, Emma Master, Adria Miller (guest), Adriano Vissa
Senior Promotions Committee
: Ramin Farnood (Chair), Krishna Mahadevan, Alison McGuigan, Roger Newman, Vlad Papangelakis, Michael Sefton
Space Committee: Tim Bender, Alex Dean, Ramin Farnood, Elizabeth Flannery, Mark Kortschot (Chair), Emma Master, Phil Milczarek, Director of Facilities & Operations (TBD)
Support Services Committee: Tim Bender (Chair), Will Cluett, Jennifer Farmer, Ramin Farnood, Charles Jia, Yuri Lawryshyn, Emma Master, Joseph Paradi, Director of Facilities & Operations (TBD)
Teaching Effectiveness Committee: Edgar Acosta, Ariel Chan, Will Cluett, Greg Evans, Jennifer Farmer, Elodie Passeport (Chair)
Teaching Laboratories Committee: Ariel Chan, Will Cluett, Jennifer Farmer (Chair), Director of Facilities & Operations (TBD)
Undergraduate Admissions Committee: Ariel Chan (Chair), Jennifer Farmer, Ramin Farnood, Don Kirk

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Representatives on Faculty Committees

Academic Appeals Board: Don Kirk
Engineering Graduate Education Committee
: Molly Shoichet
Executive Committee of Council: Will Cluett, Greg Evans, Ramin Farnood

Honours & Awards Committee: Charles Jia
Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity Advisory Committee: Ning Yan

Library Committee: Ariel Chan
Research Committee: Emma Master
Senior Promotions Committee
: Roger Newman

Staff Awards Committee: Jennifer Hsu
Teaching Methods & Resources Committee
: Elodie Passeport

Undergraduate Admissions Committee: Ariel Chan
Undergraduate Assessment Committee: Vlad Papangelakis
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
Will Cluett
Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards Committee
: Jennifer Farmer

Representatives on U of T Committees

University of Toronto Academic Board: Charles Jia
University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority:
 Elodie Passeport