Research Office Services

The mission of the Department’s Research Office is to provide research administrative support to ChemEng Principal Investigators (PIs). The following summary of main ChemEng Research Office activities provides an idea of the services we offer. Additional requests are gladly considered.

For supporting documentation and resources relating to CHE Research Administration and Grant Information sessions, please view our CHE Knowledgebase, and then Browse Knowledge to view the Chemical Engineering category.

Grant Application Processes

  • Coordinate with Principal Investigators (PIs) to complete general information sections of online applications
  • Coordinate with PIs to complete MRA submissions
  • Collect required information from collaborators and industry sponsors (e.g. CVs, letters of support)
  • Ensure application details regarding timelines, forms, format, data, policies and procedures and signatures are adhered to
  • Support the preparation of project budgets

Grant and Contract Administration

  • Track the status of new grants, and report to PIs on new account numbers
  • Ensure that granting agency progress and final reports are completed and submitted on time
  • Support the preparation of project reports, in particular, financial updates and administrative sections (e.g., HQP status, publications, conferences attended)
  • Support project meetings including tracking attendance (e.g., of industry partners, collaborators, co-investigators, staff, PDFs, graduate students), facility reservation, catering coordination, and preparation of event materials (e.g. copies of agendas, presentation booklets, etc.)


  • Track the status of existing grants, and report to PIs on instalments received and availability of funds in different budget categories
  • Prepare expense reports, invoices for payment, expense reimbursements and debit memos
  • Reconcile PIs’ monthly credit cards statements
  • Discuss options for purchase order reconciliations
  • Assist with fund transfers


  • Provide advice and guidance to research administrative staff and project managers

Other Administrative Support

  • Arrange travel tickets and accommodation for PIs
  • Update curriculum vitae (CV) and the Canadian Common CV (CCV)
  • Prepare PIs applications for the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) license
  • Prepare progress reports and annual completion of Activity Reports, Accountability Reports, Paid Activities Reports and other reports as required by the Department, Faculty or University