First Aid Contacts & Locations

NameRoomDate IssuedExpiry DateAssigned Location
P. Milczarek16August 2016August 2019Basement
A. Dean25/125February 2018February 20211st Floor
J. Farmer201ADecember 2016December 20192nd Floor
D. Tomchyshyn260August 2016August 20192nd Floor
Isabela Medina367October 2018October 20212nd Floor
E. Susilawati314October 2018October 20213rd Floor
Nadia Morson308/311October 2018October 20213rd Floor
Amir Meysami Fard323/312October 2018October 20213rd Floor
Robert Flick405/410October 2018October 20214th Floor
Maryam Arefmanesh408/303October 2018October 20214th Floor
Meenakshi Venkatesan409/333October 2018October 20214th Floor

First Aid Boxes

Basement: WB16
First floor: WB125
Second floor: WB203, WB247
Third floor: WB314
Fourth floor: WB405

Student Health Centre, 2nd Floor, 214 College Street (U of T Bookstore)

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