Faculty Members

Acosta, Edgar J.

Edgard Acosta 2Edgar J. Acosta, Professor, PhD. (Oklahoma), P.Eng.

Colloids and Formulation Engineering. Formulation, characterization, and phase behavior of surfactant-based fluids: micelles, microemulsions, emulsions, foams, dispersions, lung surfactants and liquid crystals. Surfactant-based processes: oil and bitumen extraction, remediation of oil spills, polymers and nanoparticle synthesis, aqueous solvent extraction.

Room WB131 | Tel.: 416-946-0742 | Email: edgar.acosta@utoronto.ca

Allen, D. Grant

grant allenD. Grant Allen, Professor, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Waterloo), F.C.I.C., F.A.A.A.S., P.Eng.

Department Chair
Frank Dottori Chair in Pulp and Paper Engineering

Bioprocess engineering and its environmental applications. Biological Waste Treatment: performance and design of biological treatment systems for toxicity reduction in pulp mill effluents, biological treatment of chlorinated organic compounds, biofiltration of air pollutants. Bioconversion of waste water and waste solids into value added fuels, chemicals, materials and biosolids dewatering. Microalgae production from carbon dioxide, sunlight and wastewater for production of biofuels and biochemicals. Biofilm formation and adhesion. Microbiology and floc formation in waste treatment systems and the development of techniques of monitoring microbial communities.

Room: WB221 | Tel.: 416-978-8517 | Email: dgrant.allen@utoronto.ca

Azimi, Gisele

Gisele AzimiGisele Azimi Associate Professor (ChemE/MSE), B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. (Sharif University of Technology), Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng, Post-doc (MIT)

Canada Research Chair in Urban Mining Innovation

My research lies at the intersection of “Process Engineering”, “Electrochemistry” and “Materials Science” and combines fundamental science and engineering principals to arrive at solutions for real world applications, including: Developing innovative supercritical, electrochemical, and hydrometallurgical processes for the extraction and processing of strategic materials including rare earth elements, platinum group metals, lithium, cobalt, and iron; Developing novel generations of post lithium of rechargeable batteries that can significantly address the sustainability challenges in terms of energy, environment, and materials; The design and fabrication of advanced materials with controlled properties including high temperature ceramics, hydrophobic and scalephobic surfaces, and functionalized membranes for solid-liquid extraction.

Room WB113 | Tel.: 416-946-7568 | Email: g.azimi@utoronto.ca

Bender, Timothy P.

Tim BenderTimothy P. Bender Professor, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Carleton)
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies

Organic Photovoltaic Devices including design, synthesis and crystal engineering of light harvesting organic materials, hole- and electron-transporting organic materials and polymers, chemical process engineering, design of experiments, parallel chemistry, molecular modeling.

Room WB212 | Tel.: 416-978-6140 | Email: tim.bender@utoronto.ca

Brook, Jeffrey R.

Jeffrey R. Brook Assistant Professor (ChemE, DDLSPH), PhD (Michigan)

Environmental health; exposure assessment; urban air quality; health effects studies

Address: HS534 | Tel.: 416-978-5883 | Email: jeff.brook@utoronto.ca

Chan, Ariel

Ariel ChanAriel Chan, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Ph.D. (Queen’s), P.Eng.

Tel. 416-978-4320 | Room #: WB24 | E-mail: ariel.chan@utoronto.ca

Courses: CHE304 – Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Lab III, CHE305 – Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Lab IV

Chan, Arthur

Arthur Chan 2Arthur Chan Associate Professor, B.S. (Pennsylvania), M.S., Ph.D. (CIT)

Canada Research Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry and Health

Analytical techniques for resolving complex organic mixtures, atmospheric chemistry, particulate matter and human health, organic aerosols.

Room: WB201B | Tel.: (416)-978-2602 | Email: arthurwh.chan@utoronto.ca

Cheng, Yu-Ling

Yu-Ling Cheng Professor, S.B., S.M. (MIT), Ph.D. (Stanford)

Global engineering, appropriate technologies, global health, off-grid sanitation, integrated innovation, drug delivery, diffusion and transport in polymeric and physiologic systems.

Room: WB339 | Tel.: 416-978-5500/416-978-4402 | Email: yuling.cheng@utoronto.ca

Chin, Ya-Huei (Cathy)

Y-H ChinYa-Huei (Cathy) Chin Professor, B.Sc. (Oklahoma), M.Sc. (Oklahoma), Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)
Canada Research Chair in Advanced Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry

Applications of multidisciplinary research strategy (kinetic and isotopic techniques, spectroscopy, and theoretical modeling) to advance fundamental, molecular scale understanding of heterogeneous catalytic processes. Understand heterogeneous catalytic science, deciphering the structures and dynamics of catalyst surfaces and connecting these surface events at the atomic scale to their macroscopic catalytic behavior for fuel processing, chemical synthesis, and emission control technologies.

Room: WB12 | Tel: 416-978-8868 | Email: cathy.chin@utoronto.ca

Cluett, Will R.

William R. Cluett Professor, B.Sc. (Queen’s), Ph.D. (Alberta), P.Eng.

System identification, control and design. Systems biology.

Room: WB341 | Email: will.cluett@utoronto.ca

DeMartini, Niko

Niko DeMartiniNikolai DeMartini, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Role of Inorganics in the Industrial Processing of Woody Biomass

The role and fate of inorganics in the industrial processing of woody biomass with an emphasis on energy efficiency and emissions. Current topics include scaling in spent liquor evaporators and trace metals in alkaline solutions in the pulp and paper industry; and, the forms and release of inorganics during thermal conversion processes.

Room WB225 | Tel.: 416-978-4318 | Email: nikolai.demartini@utoronto.ca

Diosady, Levente L.

Levente DiosadyLevente L. Diosady Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., P.Eng., C.Eng, C.F.S., OC, O.Ont, F.C.I.C, F.C.A.E., F.C.I.F.S.T., F.A.O.C.S., F.I.A.Fo.S.T., F.E.C., F.R.S.C.

Food Engineering – the application of chemical engineering principles to processing agricultural products for recovery of food, nutraceuticals and biofuels based on modern membrane separation technologies. Micronutrient fortification of foods for improved nutritional status  focused on  prevention of maternal and infant mortality in the Developing World. Drug and nutraceutical  delivery.

Room: MY789 | Tel.: 416-978-4137 | Email: l.diosady@utoronto.ca

Edwards, Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth EdwardsElizabeth A. Edwards University Professor, B.Eng., M.Eng (McGill), Ph.D. (Stanford), P.Eng.
Canada Research Chair in Anaerobic Biotechnology; Director, BioZone

Biodegradation and bioremediation of groundwater pollutants such as aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Industrial wastewater treatment with a focus on anaerobic digestion. Kinetics and biochemical pathways of microbial degradative reactions. Identification of microbial species capable of anaerobic biodegradation. Molecular biology and metagenomics in environmental microbiology.

Room: WB420D | Tel.: 416-946-3506 | Email: elizabeth.edwards@utoronto.ca

Evans, Greg J.

Greg EvansGreg J. Evans Professor, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., P.Eng., FCAE, FAAAS
Director, Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric and Aerosol Research (SOCAAR); Director, Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice (ISTEP)

Urban Air Pollution: traffic related air pollutants, population exposure, air pollutant toxicity, climate change.
Measurement Methods: advanced instrumentation, chemical analysis, inexpensive sensors, aerosol and environmental chemistry.
Data Mining: source identification, geospatial modeling, smart cities.
Engineering Education: transdisciplinary competencies, lab-based learning, metacognition and lifelong skills development.

Room: WB127 | Tel.: 416-978-1821 | Email: greg.evans@utoronto.ca

Farmer, Jennifer

JFarmerJennifer Farmer, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Ph.D. (York)

Tel. 416-978-6561 | Room #: WB201A | E-mail: jennifer.farmer@utoronto.ca

Courses: Applied Chemistry- Laboratory I (CHE204F), Applied Chemistry- Laboratory II (CHE205S), Applied Chemistry IV – Applied Polymer Chemistry, Science and Engineering (CHE562).

Research Interests: Engineering Education, in particular lab-based learning and active learning pedagogy.

Farnood, Ramin R.

FarnoodRamin R. Farnood Professor, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (Sharif), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Vice-Dean Research, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Advanced high-rate processes for water and wastewater treatment, including membrane separation, ultraviolet disinfection, and advanced oxidation, to remove chemical and microbial pollutants for recycling and reuse applications as well as desalination processes. Valorization of waste biomass by conversion to advanced functional materials, value-added green products, and fuel.

Room: BA2013 | Tel.: 416-946-7525  | Email: ramin.farnood@utoronto.ca

Galatro, Daniela

""Daniela Galatro, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, MSc (UNEXPO), PhD candidate (Toronto)

Courses: Heat and Mass Transfer (CHE210), Data-based Modelling for Prediction and Control (CHE507)

Room: WB362 | Tel.: 416-978-1143


Gu, Frank

Frank Gu Professor, Ph.D. (Queen’s), Postdoc (MIT-Harvard)
NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Nanotechnology Engineering

Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter generally in the 1–100 nm dimension range. Detailed understanding of chemical interactions and recent technological advances have created the possibility of designing nano-structured materials tailored for specific applications. Professor Gu heads an interdisciplinary research group that combines functional polymers and metal oxide materials to solve problems in health, environmental protection, and industrial applications.

Room WB329 | Tel.: 416-978-8518 | Email: f.gu@utoronto.ca

Howe, Jane

Jane Howe Associate Professor (MSE, ChemE), PhD (Alfred University)

Prior to joining U of T in 2019, Professor Howe worked as a Senior Applications Scientist with Hitachi High-Technologies group in US and Canada for the past five years. Her current research interest is in situ and correlative microscopy techniques.

Room PT172B | Tel.: TBD | Email: jane.howe@utoronto.ca

Jia, Charles Q.

charles jiaCharles Q. Jia Professor, B.Eng., M.Eng. (Chongqing), Ph.D. (McMaster), P.Eng.

Nanoporous carbons for air and water purification and capacitive electrical energy storage; nanoporous carbon synthesis from biomass and industrial wastes; industrial waste valorization; environmental and industrial applications of inorganic sulphur chemistry; simulation of environmental fate, transport and impact of pollutants.

Room: WB326 | Tel.: 416-946-3097 | Fax: 416-978-8605 | Email: cq.jia@utoronto.ca

Kirk, Donald W.

Donald W. Kirk Professor, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D., P.Eng.

Electrochemical engineering, design, modelling, reaction kinetic studies, pollution control, metal dissolution and organic electrosynthesis, environmental studies (recovery and recycling).

Room: WB246 | Tel.: 416-978-7406 | Email: don.kirk@utoronto.ca

Kortschot, Mark T.

Mark T. Kortschot Professor, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Cambridge), P.Eng.

3D PRINTING OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS: Structure/property relationships for polymers and composite materials created through additive manufacturing. Development of novel 3D printing software and hardware. ENGINEERING DESIGN: Creative Product Design with an emphasis on novelty and materials selection and the resultant intellectual property issues. Please note that Professor Kortschot is not taking new graduate students at this time.

Room: WB420B | Tel. 416-978-8926  | Email: mark.kortschot@utoronto.ca

Lawryshyn, Yuri A.

Yuri LawryshynYuri A. Lawryshyn Associate Professor, B.A.Sc. (Toronto), M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto), MBA (Ivey/UWO), FinEng-Dipl. (Schulich/York), P.Eng.
Director, Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Joseph C. Paradi Chair in Information Engineering

Applying Information Technology with analytical and numerical methods to solve complex, but practical, problems. Research areas: real options analysis, business process optimization, financial engineering, asset management in the municipal environmental sector and environmental research.

Room WB256 | Tel: 416-946-0576 | Email: yuri.lawryshyn@utoronto.ca

Lawson, Christopher

""Christopher E. Lawson, Assistant Professor (starting September 2021), B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (UBC), Ph.D. (Wisconsin), Post-doc (Berkeley Lab)

Principal Investigator, Microbiome Engineering Lab and BioZone — Centre for Applied Bioscience and Bioengineering

Microbiome engineering, systems biology, synthetic biology, microbial ecology, machine learning, biological waste treatment, resource recovery, environmental biotechnology.

Email: chris.lawson@utoronto.ca

Mahadevan, Radhakrishnan
R Mahadevan

Radhakrishnan Mahadevan Professor, B.Tech. (Indian Institute of Technology), Ph.D. (Delaware)
Canada Research Chair in Metabolic Systems Engineering

Systems biology, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, metabolic modeling and model-based design, bioprocess optimization & control, artificial intelligence, machine learning, dynamic control of metabolism, industrial biotechnology for biochemicals and biofuels, environmental biotechnology, Carbon fixation, biomedical systems, human metabolism, gut microbiome, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling, personalized nutrition and medicine.

Room: WB213 | Tel.: 416-946-0996 | Email: krishna.mahadevan@utoronto.ca

Master, Emma R.
E Master

Emma R. Master Professor, B.Sc. (McGill), Ph.D. (UBC), Post-doc., KTH, Stockholm Sweden
Associate Chair, Research

Discovery, design and production of enzymes and non-catalytic proteins that can be used to synthesize new bio-based materials and high-value chemicals from renewable plant sources.

Room: WB420C | Tel.: 416-946-7861 | Email: emma.master@utoronto.ca

McGuigan, Alison P.
AP McGuigan

Alison P. McGuigan Professor, MEng. (Oxford), PhD (Toronto), Post-Doc (Harvard, Stanford)

Tissue engineering, microfabrication, disease modeling, systems biology, 2D and 3D cell organization and self-assembly, cell migration, tissue patterning and boundaries, modelling tissue organization mechanisms, in vitro drug screening tools.

Room: WB338 | Tel.: 416-978-7552 | Email: alison.mcguigan@utoronto.ca

Mims, Charles A.
Charles Mims

Charles A. Mims Professor Emeritus, B.S. (Texas), Ph.D. (Berkeley)
Director, Ontario Centre for the Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM)

Heterogeneous reactions, materials processing and advanced materials characterization with focus on mechanisms of energy related catalytic reactions, including isotope tracing and surface analytic techniques. Directs CFI-funded Ontario Centre for Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM), with wide impact in R&D.

Room: WB101 | Tel.: 416-978-4575 | Email: charles.mims@utoronto.ca

Newman, Roger C.
Roger C. Newman

Roger C. Newman Professor, MA, PhD (Cambridge), DSc, CEng, FECS, FIMMM, FNACE, FICorr (Hon)
UNENE Senior Industrial Research Chair in Corrosion and Materials Performance in Nuclear Power Systems

Corrosion and protection of metals, stress corrosion cracking, metallic nanomaterials, sensors, coatings, membranes, nuclear power systems and waste management, oil and gas production and refining, pulp and paper.

Room: WB224 | Tel.: 416-946-0604 | Email: roger.newman@utoronto.ca

Norval, Graeme

Graeme Norval, Professor Emeritus, Teaching Stream, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng., F.C.I.C.

Process safety management including manufacture and handling of toxic and flammable chemicals, engineering education for safe design.



Tel. 905-466-2940 | E-mail: graeme.norval@utoronto.ca

Papangelakis, Vladimiros G.
Vladimiros Papangelakis

Vladimiros G. Papangelakis Professor, Dipl. Eng. (Athens), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McGill), P.Eng., FCIM, FCAE
Director, Institute for Water Innovation (IWI)
Senior Industrial Research Chair in Water and Sustainable Extractive Metallurgy

Aqueous process engineering; hydrometallurgy; bio-hydrometallurgy; process modelling; electrolyte solution chemistry; recycling of inorganic wastes; environmental remediation from mining and metallurgical activities; process water recovery, recycling and purification; extractive metallurgy of nickel, gold and rare earth metals.

Room: MY871 | Tel.: 416-978-1093 | Email: vladimiros.papangelakis@utoronto.ca

Paradi, Joseph C.

Joseph C. Paradi Professor Emeritus, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng., FCAE
Chair holder Emeritus in Information Engineering; Director Emeritus, Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship (CMTE)

We focus on the Financial Services Industry’s production, internal economy, financial models, risk, branch operations technology and performance evaluation. Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the services industries are the major focus. Most research involves real-life situations where new approaches and science is needed.

Room: MY725 | Tel: 416-978-6924×1/416-978-3714 | Email: paradi@mie.utoronto.ca

Passeport, Elodie
Elodie Passeport

Elodie Passeport Associate Professor (CivMin, ChemE), M.Sc. (National Institute of Applied Sciences, Toulouse), M.Sc., (AgroParisTech), PhD (AgroParisTech)
Canada Research Chair in Environmental Engineering and Stable Isotopes

Fate and removal of emerging contaminants from the environment in natural and engineered systems using concentration and stable isotope analysis.

Room GB319F | Tel.: 416-978-5747 | Email:  elodie.passeport@utoronto.ca

Radisic, Milica
Milica Radisic

Milica Radisic Professor (IBBME, ChemE), B.Eng. McMaster University (1999), Ph.D. MIT (2004), Post-doc Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (2005)

Canada Research Chair in Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Organ-on-a-chip engineering, iPSC, heart-on-a-chip, Biowire, tissue engineering, bioreactors, biophysical modulation of engineered tissues, patterned cell co-culture (2D and 3D), Modeling of transport processes relevant to tissue engineering.

Room: MB317 | Tel.: 416-946-5295 | Email: m.radisic@utoronto.ca

Ramchandran, Arun
Arun Ramchandran

Arun Ramchandran Associate Professor, B. Chem. Eng. (Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai), Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame)
Canada Research Chair in Engineered Soft Materials and Interfaces

The focus of our group is the comprehension and prediction of macroscale properties of a suspension (mixture of particles and liquids) by studying microscale/nanoscale interactions and properties, using a combination of experiment and theory. Our current projects are in such diverse areas as oil extraction, fabric softener design, mass transfer in flowing blood, motion of biological particles in vascular networks, and polymer blending.

Room: WB368 | Tel.: 416-978-4162 | Email: arun.ramchandran@utoronto.ca

Reeve, Doug

Doug Reeve Professor, B.Sc. (UBC), M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng., D. Tech. H. C., P. Eng., FCAE, FTAPPI, FCIC.
Director Emeritus, Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead)

Research on engineer leadership in the workplace, and developing evidence-based leadership curriculum.

Room: MY760 | Email: doug.reeve@utoronto.ca

Saville, Bradley A.
Bradley Saville

Bradley A. Saville Professor, B.Sc., Ph.D.(Alberta), P.Eng.

Bioprocess technology, biomass pretreatment and hydrolysis, bioseparations, biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel), bioenergy, bioproducts, life cycle assessment, technoeconomic assessment, applications of enzymes, enzyme inactivation, inhibition and regulation of enzyme activity, therapeutic application of drugs and bioproducts (e.g., prebiotics).

Room: WB340 | Tel.: 416-978-7745 | Email: bradley.saville@utoronto.ca

Sefton, Michael V.

Michael V. Sefton University Professor, B.A.Sc. (Toronto), Sc.D. (MIT), P.Eng.

Tissue engineering, cardiovascular biomaterials, medical implants, cell transplantation, gene delivery systems.

Room: Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research 406 | Tel.: 416-978-3088 | Email: michael.sefton@utoronto.ca 

Shoichet, Molly S.

Molly Shoichet newMolly S. Shoichet University Professor, B.Sc. (MIT), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Massachusetts)
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Canada Research Chair in Tissue Engineering

Advancing innovative polymeric drug delivery and tissue engineering solutions to problems arising as a result of either traumatic injury to the central nervous system or cancer. Focus is on stem cell guidance within defined 3-D matrices; injectable hydrogels for cell and biomolecule delivery; polymeric nanoparticles for targeted delivery.

Room: 160 College Street, Room 514 | Tel: 416-978-1460 | Fax: 416-978-8287 | Email:molly.shoichet@utoronto.ca

Tran, Honghi N.

Honghi N. Tran Professor Emeritus, B.Sc. (Shizuoka), M.Eng. (Shizuoka), Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng.
Director, Pulp and Paper Centre

Advanced technologies and strategies for increasing energy and chemical recovery efficiencies in the kraft pulping process; control of deposit formation and high temperature corrosion in industrial boilers and rotary kilns; utilization of biosludge; thermal conversion of biomass to fuel; combustion behaviours of solid biofuel mixtures.

Room: WB365 | Tel.: 416-978-8585 | Email: honghi.tran@utoronto.ca

Werber, Jay

""Jay Werber, Assistant Professor, B.Sc. (Washington Univ. St. Louis), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Yale), Post-doc (Minnesota)

My research group will focus on membrane materials and membrane separation processes with the aim of attaining breakthrough performance in molecular separations. We are especially motivated by challenges involving the sustainable management of water and natural resources such as metals. Our work will cover all aspects of separation science, including the synthesis and characterization of high-performance membranes, fundamental transport in polymers, and process design.

Room: WB362 | Tel.: 416-978-4906 | Email: jay.werber@utoronto.ca

Yan, Ning

Ning Yan, Professor, B.Eng, (Southeast), Ph.D. (Toronto), P.Eng., FEIC
Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Bioproducts
Distinguished Professor in Forest Biomaterials Engineering
Director of Low Carbon Renewable Materials Centre

Lignocellulosic biomaterials engineering; forest and agriculture residue utilization and conversion to value-added products; Cellulose, lignin, and extractives valorization to green chemicals and functional materials; bio-based polymers, chemicals, composites, and functional materials; sensors and devices.

Room: Earth Sciences, 33 Willcocks Street, Room 3037| Tel.: 416-946-8070 | Email: ning.yan@utoronto.ca

Yip, Christopher M.
Chris Yip

Christopher M. Yip Professor, B.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Minnesota), P.Eng.
Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Molecular self-assembly: Protein-ligand and biomolecular complexes and elucidation of the mechanisms associated with their formation. Organic solid-state focusing on molecular and biomolecular crystals and their properties. Biomolecular and ligand-receptor interaction forces. Application of scanning probe microscopy to the characterization of biomolecular processes and structures. Novel protein complexes at interfaces. Molecular modeling of biomolecular complexes. Synthesis and characterization of molecular solids. Structure-property relationships in supramolecular assemblies. Advanced imaging including combinatorial super-resolution microscopies and spectroscopies.

Office of the Dean, 44 St. George Street | Tel.: 416-978-7853 |
Email: christopher.yip@utoronto.ca

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