Milica Radisic

Milica RadisicProfessor (BME, ChemE)
B.Eng. McMaster University (1999), Ph.D. MIT (2004), Post-doc Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (2005)

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Organ-on-a-Chip Engineering

Principal InvestigatorLaboratory for Functional Tissue Engineering

Room: MB317 | Tel.: 416-946-5295 | Email:

Awards (selected)

2024 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

2024 Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering, International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering (IUSBSE)

2023 Humboldt Research Award

2022 Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society

2022 Tier I Canada Research Chair in Organ-on-a-Chip Engineering

2022 Acta Biomaterialia Silver Award

2021 Safwat Zakay Research Leader Award, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

2020 Senior Member Massey Collage

2020 Killam Fellowship

2019 Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society-Americas, Innovation & Commercialization Award

2019 Engineering Medal for Research and Development, Ontario Professional Engineers

2018  YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction Award, Honouring Women in Canada

2018  Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences, Trustees of the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fund

2018  Fellow Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society

2017 Top 150 alumni, as an outstanding McMaster Engineering Graduate

2017 Dr. E. R. Smith Lectureship in Cardiovascular Research Award,  Libin Cardiovascular Institute, University of Calgary

2017  Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (RSC), Academy of Science, Applied Sciences and Engineering Division

2016 Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering

2016 Canada Research Chair Tier 2 Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering (renewal)

2015 Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)

2015  Hatch Innovation Award, Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers

2014 Royal Society of Canada, member of The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

2014 E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada

2013 University of Toronto Inventor of the Year Award (with Axel Guenther, Liang Leng, Arianna McAllister, Andrew Woollard and Boyang Zhang)

2013 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2012 McLean Award, University of Toronto

2012 Engineers Canada Young Engineer Award

2011 Young Engineer Award; Professional Engineers Ontario, Ontario Society of Professional Engineering

2011 Connaught Innovation Award; University of Toronto

2011 Canada Research Chair Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering (Tier 2)

2011 McMaster Arch Award for work in Bioengineering, McMaster University Alumni Association

2010 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement

2010 Scientist to Watch; named by the Scientist Magazine

2010 2010’s People to Watch; Toronto Star

2009 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award; Women in Science and Engineering Club, University of Toronto

2008 MIT Technology Review Top 35 Innovators under 35 (TR35)

2007 Early Researcher Award; Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ontario

2003 Cambridge Science Foundation Travel Grant

2002 Poitras Pre-Doctoral Fellowship; awarded for studies in biomedical engineering, MIT

2000 Studenica Foundation Graduate Fellowship

1999 The Presidential Graduate Fellowship; awarded by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for exceptional record and promising future

1999 The Canadian Society of Chemical Industries Merit Award; awarded to Chemical Engineering graduate with the highest cumulative average

1998 The Chancellor’s Gold Medal; the highest University award for undergraduate students, awarded for academic excellence, leadership and influence, McMaster University


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), Fellow
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Senior Member
  • Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), Fellow
  • Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
  • Royal Society of Canada (RSC), Academy of Science, Fellow
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society International (TERMIS), Fellow

Research Interests

The Radisic lab is a dynamic and friendly group of graduate students, post-docs and research associates who are working together to create transformative technologies at the interface of engineering, stem cell biology and chemistry.

Organ-on-a-chip engineering: Our work laid foundations to the field of organ-on-a-chip engineering through technologies such as Biowire, AngioChip and inVADE platform. Microfabrication and 3D printing technologies are at the core of what we do. We are relying on state-of-the art facilities in  to combine hot-embossing and 3D printing to scale-up production of these organ-on-a-chip devices for wide-spread use.  We are developing systems that mimic physiology of the heart, kidney and vasculature for the purpose of modeling human disease and discovering better and more effective drugs.  Learning how to incorporate naturally occurring fractal and chaotic cues into the organ-on-a-chip systems is the next frontier we are tackling. Together with our hospital based colleagues, we are working with patient derived iPSCs to mimic diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy and cardiac fibrosis. We are building glomerulus-on-a-chip and proximal tubule-on-a-chip systems that enable us to study what causes rejection of transplanted kidneys and how to develop new drugs that can remedy this problem. We are infecting our organs-on-a-chip with SARS-CoV-2 in the CL3 facility to learn the mechanisms behind covid19 triggered inflammation, vascular dysfunction and myocarditis.

Bioinspired and electroactive polymers: We synthesize new biodegradable and biocompatible polymers based on small molecules found in the human body, to tailor specific functions, such as immunomodulation, elasticity and conductivity. Through biofabrication, we are advancing scaffold technologies in both cardiac tissue engineering and organs-on-a-chip using these new materials.  Using these approaches we developed technologies such as Injectable Tissue, that enable non-invasive delivery of fully functional tissues into the body through a keyhole and Hook-in-Tissues which enable stacking and instantaneous assembly of fully functional tissues. Most groups 3D print structures from hydrogels, which deform as a result of cell tractional forces, or rigid polymers, which are too stiff for soft tissue applications. We are pioneering 3D printing of designer elastic biopolymers to create versatile granular and metamaterial structures for applications in soft tissue engineering.

Peptide modified materials for regenerative medicine: We are advancing our peptide based biomimetic and immunomodulatory materials for regeneration of tissues such as skin and immune system. We identified a unique peptide from angiopoitin-1 that enables collective cell migration and decreases inflammation in 6 different tissue models. Hydrogels and small molecules based on this peptide are now advancing in dermatological clinical trials for healing of skin after procedures such as laser face resurfacing and microneedling, for surgical wound healing and even to create anti-inflammatory therapies for COVID19.

Selected publications

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