Degree Options and Opportunities

Engineering Minors and Certificates

Minors and Certificates allow students to focus their courses in a particular area, such as Business, Leadership, Bioengineeing/Biomedical Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Renewable Resources, Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Nanoengineering.

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op)

PEY Co-op is an internship program that allows students to apply their knowledge in a 12-16 month project-based professional internship, helping build relationships with employers, gain valuable career skills and obtain significant professional experience before graduation.

Research Opportunities

Faculty members in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry frequently look for students to help out with research projects. These projects are suitable for a fourth-year thesis (CHE499Y, or ESC499Y), or a Summer Research project. For a list of current research opportunities in the Department, check the Current Student Research Opportunities page. Students are also welcome to approach Faculty directly to find out if there are opportunities in their lab. Check the Research section of the website for information on the Departments research areas (clusters), and the research interests of our Faculty members. Students may also participate in research through a research exchange available through the Study Abroad program.

Fourth-Year Thesis

A thesis is an independent research project that a student completes under the supervision of an academic staff member. The student would perform a literature review, develop a research protocol, perform the experiments and then write the report, which is the thesis.

Students anticipating applying to graduate studies in our department are strongly advised to complete a thesis as part of their program.

If you are thinking of doing a thesis in fourth year, start looking into potential thesis project(s) and supervisor(s) in January/February of your third year.

Students wishing to obtain an engineering minor with thesis as an elective must also have the separate Thesis Minor Form completed and signed by the Vice Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Studies.

CHE499 2023-2024 Registration: CLOSED 

If you are interested in taking CHE499Y1: Thesis, please fill out the MS Forms form below.

Students are responsible for adding CHE499Y1 to their timetables on ACORN beginning on July 13th at 6:00 a.m.

A completed MS Form is required for CHE499 consideration. Even if you have previously sent an e-mail to the Undergraduate Office regarding CHE499Y1, you need to complete the form. Information from previous e-mails has not been collected or considered for CHE499Y1 approval. If approved, you will be added into the course in August.

Deadline to apply was Friday, July 28 2023 at 5pm. Registration is now closed.

Study Abroad

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering works in cooperation with the Centre for International Experience (CIE) to offer research and/or academic exchange opportunities with over 150 institutions in over 40 countries, including Sweden (Lund University), Singapore (National University of Singapore) and the United Kingdom (University of Edinburgh).

The Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA Program

The Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA Program allows a student to complete a BASc and an MBA together.