Health & Safety Committee

A requirement of the Act is the establishment of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The membership of this Committee is as follows:
NameRoom No.Tel. No.Management (M) or Worker (W) MemberName of Union or Employee Group
Prof. B.A. Saville, Co-Chair (Certified Faculty)30487745MFaculty
A. Dean, Co-Chair12585623WUSWA
Jody Prentice, Interim Secretary22183069WUSWA
D. Tomchyshyn26081144WUSWA
G. Norval216C67507MFaculty
J. Farmer201A86561MFaculty
P. Milczarek1685504WUSWA
E. Susilawati (Certified Worker)31487737WUSWA
R. DiLeo3384046WUSWA
TBD, Grad. RepresentativeTBDTBDWCUPE 3902
TBD, Grad. RepresentativeTBDTBDWCUPE 3902
R. Gensell, Secretary
Returning July 2021

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