Committee Membership

A requirement of the Act is the establishment of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. General H&S inquires can be sent to the Committee at

The membership of this Committee is as follows:
NameRoom No.Tel. No.Management (M) or Worker (W) MemberName of Union or Employee Group
Prof. B.A. Saville, Co-Chair (Certified Faculty)WB30487745MFaculty
A. Dean, Co-ChairWB12585623WUSWA
N. Pandi, SecretaryWB21683063WUSWA
D. TomchyshynWB26081144WUSWA
E. FlanneryWB21765284MNon-Union Admin
P. MilczarekWB201A85504WUSWA
E. Susilawati (Certified Worker)WB31487737WUSWA
P. StogiosWB40960082WUSWA
T. BenderWB21286140MFaculty
D. GalatroWB2881143MFaculty
J. HowePT172B67221MFaculty
B. AmrithrajWB0763034WCUPE 3902