Funding & Awards

Students are registered once they either (a) pay fees, or (b) register without payment through a fee deferral.

The Graduate Fees section of the School of Graduate Studies website contains a majority of information you will need regarding fees, invoices, and making payment arrangements.

The Financial Planning Calculator helps you determine the cost of one year of study, based on your circumstances.  For information on cost of living and housing options please visit the Student Life Website.

The Student Aid Estimator shows the amount of federal student aid you could receive from the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program. The actual grant and loan amounts are determined once you apply through your provincial student aid office.

Graduate Financial Support

Students admitted to the MASc and PhD programs received a  guaranteed funding package. While MEng students do not receive financial support from the department, they are encouraged to review How Funding Works: Professional Programs.

Graduate Awards

Students are encouraged to apply for all awards for which they are eligible. The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry will share important competitions and deadlines with all students.

Teaching Assistants

All graduate students are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions. Funds earned while working as a TA are in addition to any guaranteed funding. TA positions provide students with valuable experience.