Teaching Assistants (TAs)

General Information

The Department hires graduate students to assist our academic staff in teaching undergraduate courses during the fall and winter terms. The University’s TAs are represented by CUPE Local 3902 Unit#1. You can view the Collective Agreement, which determines items like benefits and salary, here.

TAing is optional. Income earned as a TA is an addition to the financial support already provided to our M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Students should discuss TAing with their thesis supervisor before pursuing a position.

More information about Teaching Assistant positions can be found on the career opportunities page.

Current TAs

Requesting an increase of hours

It is possible to increase the number of hours you are contracted to complete. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the approval of your supervisor at your ‘Review of Assigned Hours’ meeting. You are entitled to at least one such meeting per course (deadlines can be viewed in the Collective Agreement)
  2. Ensure your supervisor emails the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies (jennifer.farmer@utoronto.ca) detailing the requested change and CCs ugradassist.chemeng@utoronto.ca
  3. If approved, the TA Administrator will prepare the requested changes to your DDAH form
  4. You, your supervisor, and the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies must sign off on the changes, rendering them official

Under the circumstances that you enter a disagreement with your supervisor concerning your work hours, you may contact the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies directly.

TA Performance Evaluation

The TA Evaluation Form is here. Signatures can be completed electronically via Adobe E-Signature.

You are entitled to at least one evaluation per appointment. You can request up to two evaluations from your supervisor. Under the circumstances that you receive an overall rating of ‘unsatisfactory’, a second evaluation is mandatory. Should no second evaluation be completed, your evaluation cannot be used against you for future consideration.


Appointments are conditional upon status as a graduate student or Postdoctoral Fellow (postdoc) at the University of Toronto for the duration of the appointment.

All new graduate students and postdocs must attend a laboratory safety course, pass the laboratory safety exam, complete the University of Toronto basic health and safety online training and attend a mandatory new TA training session in order to TA.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email ugradassist.chemeng@utoronto.ca