Other U of T Technical Services

Department of Chemistry

80 St. George St. 
Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 3H6 

Electronics & Computing Facility 
Violeta Gotcheva, PhD
Room: 436B 
Phone: 978-5257 
email: vgotchev@chem.utoronto.ca

Machine Shop 
John Ford, Supervisor 
Room: 53 
Phone: 978-3584 
email: jford@chem.utoronto.ca 

Glassblowing Shop (currently 6-8 week wait due to staff shortage)
Jack O’Donnel, Technician 
Room: 40 
Phone: 978-5092 
email: jodonnel@chem.utoronto.ca

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

5 King’s College Road 
Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 3G8 

Machine Shop 
Ryan Mendell, Workshop Supervisor 
Room: MC106 
Phone: 978-6008 
email: ryan@mie.utoronto.ca

Department of Physics

60 St. George St. 
Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 1A7 

Machine Shop 
Gurmit Besla 
Room: 67 
Phone: 978-3533 
email: gbesla@physics.utoronto.ca

Electronics Resource Centre 
Peter Hurley 
Room: 70 
Phone: 978-0627 
email: peterh@physics.utoronto.ca 

U of T Computer Shop

Koffler Student Services Centre
214 College St., Toronto, ON Canada M5T 3A1 

Computer Repair Centre 
Phone: 978-7948 
email: service@campuscomputershop.com

York University Technical Services

The research and teaching activities of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, York University, are supported by full technical service facilities, including a machine shop, a student machine shop, an electronics shop, a glassblowing shop and two science stores.

The following hourly rates apply to all work done by shop staff:

FSE: $25/hr
York University Community: $42/hr 
External: $51/hr

Note: Materials are extra and are not included in hourly rates.

The non-profit science stores are the source of scientific supplies aimed at providing convenience to the community of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

If you have questions about the operation of technical services department in general, please feel free to contact Technical Services Manager Ming Jiang for assistance by phone at extension 22815, email at mingj@yorku.ca or in person at #313 Lumber Blg.

For more information: