Chemical/Waste Storage and Handling

  •  Chemical waste should be brought down to WB16 in a properly labeled storage container. Labels are available from the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator in WB16. No chemical waste will be accepted without a proper label. No waste should be put into the waste storage area without authorization from the Purchasing/Stores Coordinator.
  • All incoming shipments of chemicals and hazardous materials will be recorded into a data base (future H&S inventory system) and an on-line Departmental inventory of all chemical and hazardous materials (entering/leaving inventory) will be maintained.  
  • Compliance with regulations regarding storage and usage of certain chemicals, solvents, etc., including logging and recording usage if required will be ensured.
  • Please refer to the University of Toronto Laboratory Waste Management and Disposal Manual for further information on disposal of biological waste, radioactive waste, sharps, etc