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Grant Opportunities for Principal Investigators


Date of announcementLink to announcement (e.g., Research Alert)Granting agencyProgramLink to Research ProgramDeadline(s)
2021/4/9Research AlertsNSERC and MitacsNSERC’s Alliance grants and Mitacs’s AccelerateNSERC Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate grantsOpen
2021/7/13 Research AlertsMITACSBusiness Strategy Internships (BSI)MITACS - Business Strategic Internship (BSI)Anytime
2021/9/10Research AlertsThe National Institutes of HealthU of T Research Funding Opportunities DatabaseVarious
2021/9/10Research AlertsUS Department of Defense (DOD)Office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - CONGRESSIONALLY DIRECTED MEDICAL RESEARCH PROGRAMSVarious
2021/10/4Research AlertsThe Division of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI) and the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL)U of T Public Policy Reports CollectionPublic Policy Reports CollectionOngoing
2021/10/13Research AlertsUniversity of Toronto Institutional Strategic Initiatives (ISI)University of Toronto ISIProposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis
2021/10/12Research AlertsNational Institutes of Health (NIH)Various
2022/01/25Research AlertsCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)Spring 2022 Project GrantCIHR Spring 2022 Project GrantAnticipated Notice of Decision: July 14, 2022
Funding Start Date: October 01, 2022
2022/02/21NSERCAlliance InternationalNSERC Alliance InternationalNo deadline
2022/02/18New Frontiers in Research Fund2022 Special Call – Research for Postpandemic RecoveryNFRF 2022 Special CallFull application deadline August 9, 2022, 8 p.m. (eastern)
2022/03/02Research AlertsThe New Frontiers in Research Fund Special Call 2022: Research for Post-pandemic RecoveryNew Frontiers in Research Fund – 2022 Special Call: Research for Post-pandemic RecoveryFull Application
Internal deadline: August 2, 2022
Sponsor deadline: August 9, 2022
2022/03/17Research AlertsThe Office of the Vice-President International (OVPI) and the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) International Doctoral Clusters (IDC) ProgramCall for International Doctoral Cluster (IDC) ApplicationsApplication Deadline: Four annual competitions will be adjudicated: September 15th, December 15th, and February 15th
2022/03/18Research AlertsNSERC Alliance International Quantum grantsAlliance International Quantum grantsApplications will be accepted anytime up until January 31, 2023
2022/03/30Research AlertsThe Government of CanadaSpecial Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine)Government of Canada launches fund to support research trainees from UkraineApplications accepted until: December 22, 2022 (continuous intake)
2022/04/21Research AlertsThe Data Sciences Institute (DSI) Catalyst GrantCatalyst GrantsLOI Deadline: July 15, 2022, 11:59 PM
Full Application Deadline: November 4, 2022, 11:59 PM
2022/04/22Research AlertsThe Canada Gairdner Awards The Canada Gairdner Momentum AwardMomentum AwardInitial submissions are due on July 15, 2022 by nomination or self-nomination
2022/04/22Research AlertsThe Canada Gairdner Awards The Gairdner Early Career Investigator Awards2022 Gairdner Early Career Investigator CompetitionApplications should be submitted by August 1, 2022
2022/05/02Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI).Ontario Data Access GrantsCANSSI Ontario Data Access GrantsOn rolling basis
2022/05/05Research Alerts National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Materials for Clean Fuels and Artificial Intelligence for Design Challenge programs Material for Clean FuelsAugust 15, 2022: Invitations for a full project proposal sent out by the NRC
September 30, 2022: Submission deadline for the full project proposal
2022/05/06Research AlertsThe University of Toronto Office of the Vice President, International (OVPI) SSHRC Connection Grants (CG)Connection GrantsDeadline to apply for these OVPI matching funds: Friday, July 8, 2022
2022/05/16Research AlertsNew Frontiers in Research FundExploration 2022 competition2022 Exploration Competition Full Application
Internal Deadline: September 6, 2022
Sponsor Deadline (RSO submits): September 13, 2022
2022/05/18Research AlertsNSERC Discovery HorizonsDiscovery Horizons (pilot)October 18, 2022 full application deadline. Only selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal to sponsor
2022/05/20Genome Canada/Ontario Genomics InstituteClimate Action Genomics InitiativeSmart Agriculture and Food SystemsThere is no specific date
2022/05/27Genome CanadaClimate Action Genomics Initiative Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food SystemsClimate Action Genomics InitiativeThere is no specific date
2022/06/09Research AlertsNVIDIAAdvancing Applied Academic ResearchAccelerating Innovation in Applied Research Applications accepted year-round
2022/06/10Research AlertsNSERC2023 Discovery Grant competitionNotification of intent to apply for a Discovery Grant Notice of Intent by August 2, 2022, 8pm (ET)
2022/06/17Research AlertsOntario Brain InstituteIntegrated Discovery Program NetworksRegister to Apply to Open Call for Integrated Discovery ProgramsSeptember 15, 2022 – Application deadline
2022/06/17Research AlertsInnovative Solutions CanadaNew funding for quantum prototypesQuantum sensing
Quantum communications
Quantum computing
Apply before July 6, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT.
2022/06/22Research AlertsThe Translational Biology & Engineering Program (TBEP), at the University of Toronto and the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research and the Health Innovation Hub (H2i) 2022-2023 Entrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health Opportunities (ECHO) programEntrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health OpportunitiesMonday, August 8, 2022 before 11:59 pm EST
2022/06/23Research AlertsSSHRC2022 Insight Grant competitionInsight GrantsOctober 1, 2022
2022/06/23Research AlertsSamsung2022 Global Research Outreach ProgramSamsung Advanced Institute of TechnologySubmission Deadline:
Monday, August 22, 2022 at 8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT (August 23 at 9:00 am Korea Standard Time)
2022/06/23Research AlertsMitacs Global Link Research Award Mitacs Globalink Research AwardDeadline: Open all year
2022/06/23Research AlertsEnvironment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF)Climate Action and Awareness FundSponsor Deadline: July 18, 2022 by 3pm EDT
2022/06/23Research AlertsThe Mellon FoundationNew Directions Fellowships programNew Directions Fellowships September 23, 2022
2022/06/27Ted Rogers Centre for Heart ResearchEntrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health OpportunitiesEntrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health OpportunitiesDeadline: August 8, 2022
2022/06/27NSERC and the National Science FoundationCollaboration on quantum science and artificial intelligence NSERC-National Science Foundation Deadlines and application windows vary by program
2022/06/28Research AlertsSSHRC and Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE)Knowledge Synthesis Grants: Gender-Based Violence SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis GrantsInternal deadline #1 (MRA) - noon, Thursday, August 25, 2022
Internal deadline #2 (full application submission) - 9 am, Tuesday, August 30, 2022
2022/06/28Research AlertsOntario GenomicsGenomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)Draft EOIs are due to Ontario Genomics on August 3, 2022, at 9am

Grant Opportunities for Students and Post-doctoral Fellows


Date of announcementLink to announcement (e.g., Research Alert)Granting agencyProgramLink to Research ProgramSubmission Deadline(s)
2022/02/18MITACSEntrepreneur InternationalMITACS - Entrepreneur InternationalOpen
2022/02/18MITACSBusiness Strategy InternshipMITACS BSIContact:
Wil de Vega 647.355.8542
2022/03/30Research AlertsThe Government of CanadaSpecial Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine)Government of Canada launches fund to support research trainees from UkraineApplications accepted until: December 22, 2022 (continuous intake)
2022/05/02Research AlertsMITACSElevate - Spring 2022MITACS PDFSponsor Deadline: July 6, 2022
2022/06/7Research AlertsThe Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSC) Global Fellowship Marie Sklodowska-Curie Global Individual FellowshipsInternal Deadline: Thurs. September 8, 2022
Sponsor Deadline: Wed. September 14, 2022

Grant Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Date of announcementLink to announcement (e.g., Research Alert)Granting agencyProgramLink to Research ProgramSubmission Deadline(s)


Date of announcementTitleSponsorLink to announcement (e.g., Research Alert)Dates
2021/2/23 CIHR Strategic Plan 2021-2031 and Action Plan for Year 1 (2021-22)CIHRResearch Alerts
2021/7/14NSERC-Alliance: New National Security GuidelinesNSERCResearch Alerts
2021/8/4NSERC 2030: NSERC’s new Strategic Plan, next steps NSERC Research Alerts
2021/8/27Research Partnership Security Checklist for International Partnerships Launching on August 30, 2021Office of the Vice President, InternationalResearch Alerts
2022/3/22NSERC and SSHRC Grants: Unfunded Extensions for grants due to continued COVID-19 ImpactNSERC and SSHRCResearch Alerts
2022/4/13Updates to Tri-Agency Guide on Financial AdministrationThe Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)Research Alerts
2022/4/26NSERC Alliance Option 2 UpdateNSERC Research Alerts
2022/5/12NSERCALLIANCEAlliance Grants
2022/6/9SRC Soliciting White Papers for 3 More Research ProgramsSemiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Research Alerts
2022/6/15NSERC Webinars - How to submit a Notification of Intent to ApplyNSERCResearch AlertsTuesday, July 5, 2022
1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (ET)
2022/6/22NEW 2022 SSHRC Insight Grant WebinarsThe Centre for Research & Innovation Support & the Research Services OfficeResearch AlertsSSHRC Insight Grant: Strategies for Success
Date: July 21st, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
SSHRC Insight Grant – Budget Information Session
Date: August 25th, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
2022/6/242022 SSHRC Insight Grants - SSHRC-hosted webinarsSSHRCSSHRC Insight GrantsSept 1, 2022
Time (ET): 1 - 2:30 pm
2022/6/27NSERC Discovery Grant NOI to Apply - VDR Information SessionThe Vice-Dean Research OfficeRegister: NSERC Discovery Grant NOI to ApplyTuesday, July 12, from 10:00 – 11:30 am

Nomination for Awards for Principal Investigators

Date of AnnouncementGranting AgencyName of AwardLink to AnnouncementKey Date (s)

Nomination for Awards for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Date of AnnouncementGranting AgencyName of AwardLink to AnnouncementDeadline(s)

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