Graduate Student Funding


2024-2025 Guaranteed Funding

MASc – Domestic & International$21,000 stipend + tuition, incidental fees & UHIP (for international students)Up to 2 years
PhD - Domestic & International$24,500 stipend + tuition, incidental fees & UHIP (for international students)• Students entering with a Master’s – Years 1-4
• Students who transfer to the PhD – Years 2-5
• Students entering the PhD directly from a Bachelor’s – Years 1-5

Note: Flex-Time PhD students are not guaranteed funding.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships are applied to the guaranteed funding. Students receiving these awards can expect to receive a top-up to the guaranteed funding as follows:

Awards valued at $15,000 or less - $3,000 top-up

Awards above $15,000 - $5,000 top-up

Students receiving multiple awards will receive a single top-up based on the amounts above. For example:

Student receiving HATCH ($10K) - $3K top-up

Student receiving OGS ($15K) and HATCH ($10K) - $5K top-up


Awards valued at less than $3,000 - students receive the full amount of the award above the minimum guarantee, with no additional top-up.

Vanier – The value of this award ($50K) is already significantly above all other awards, so no top-up will be awarded.

Connaught – The conditions of this award outline the funding formula to be used (I.E. Guaranteed Funding + Connaught).

Sources of Funding

Financial support for MASc and PhD students is usually a combination of:

  • Research Assistantship/Research Stipend (RA) – Paid to the student on a monthly basis on the 28th of each month from their supervisor’s grants.
  • ChemE Fellowship  – Domestic students within the funded cohort are considered for the ChemE Fellowship, no application is required.
    • $11,000 for students not receiving a competitive award
    • $1,000 for students receiving a competitive award
  • Chair's Excellence Fellowship (CEF) - Paid to students receiving an IBET Fellowship.
  • Scholarships
  • Teaching Assistantship (TA)

Teaching Assistantships

Whenever possible, students will be assigned to work 50 - 100 Teaching Assistantship hours (approximately $2,350- $4,700). Students must apply to available positions to be eligible.

Funded Cohort 

Students are guaranteed the standard funding package while they are within the funded cohort:

MASc – Year 1 (includes some departmental funds)

MASc – up to end of Year 2 (no departmental funds)

PhD (after completion of a Master’s degree) – Years 1-4

PhD (direct-entry from a Bachelor’s degree) – Years 1-5

PhD (transfer from MASc to PhD) – Year 1 at MASc level and Years 2-5 at PhD level of funding.

Any financial support after the standard funding period is at the discretion of the supervisor. Students are encouraged to discuss this with their supervisor prior to the end of their standard funding period.

Note for Applicants

All MASc and PhD applicants are encouraged to apply for scholarships in order to make their application more competitive.  Please see the Scholarships & Awards information on the SGS website.  For applicants, the awards under Government-Funded Awards and International Student Awards will be of particular interest.

MASc and PhD students are provided financial support for a standard period of time (see tables below). MEng students do not receive financial support from the Department.  All students are encouraged to review SGS’s Financing your Graduate Education.

2023-2024 Funding Breakdowns

The funding tables above can also be found here.

2022-2023 funding schedule can be found here.