MEng Satisfactory Progress

If an MEng student fails to complete a graduate course in a satisfactory manner (i.e., receives a grade of FZ or NCR in a course) then the graduate unit in which the student is registered may recommend to the School of Graduate Studies the termination of registration and eligibility of that student. If a student fails to complete three graduate courses in a satisfactory manner, this will result in an automatic recommendation to SGS for program termination.

We understand that challenging circumstances sometimes arise, and can get in the way of academic success. If you are experiencing academic, personal, or professional difficulties that make maintaining adequate progress in your program difficult, please contact the MEng Advisor at We treat all inquiries with discretion and can connect you with the many resources and support services available to you as a graduate student.

This information applies to students who started their MEng in 2020-2021 or later. If you started your MEng before 2020-2021, the previous policy applies.