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Researchers hope to ditch insulin needles

Dr. Michael Sefton is working to rid diabetes patients of daily insulin injections, 100 years after his predecessors developed the life-saving treatment. Listen to his interview on CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks.

SOCAAR profs reveal how leaf blowers can be dangerous

Professor Greg Evans and Jeff Brook from the Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR) were recently interviewed by Global News to discuss the unseemly danger of leaf blowers on public health. Click here for the full Global News…

Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship awarded to Kimberly Watada

The Engineers Canada – Leadership Scholarship consists of eight scholarships of $4,000 each annually to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in CEAB-accredited engineering programs. These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate engineering students who have completed one year of engineering…

Suraj Borkar’s work featured in Nature Communications

Substrate colonization by an emulsion drop prior to spreading, work by Suraj Borkar (ChemE PhD Candidate) and Professor Arun Ramchandran, was just published in Nature Communications: In classical wetting, the spreading of an emulsion drop on a surface is…
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