Emphasis in Advanced Soft Materials

Soft materials include polymers, liquids, colloidal suspensions, gels, many biological materials, and more. They are used in various industry sectors including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutics, food (e.g. mayonnaise) and consumer products (e.g. toothpaste, laundry detergent).

From nanomaterials to scale-up processing and manufacturing, the courses in this emphasis cover both the fundamentals of creating such soft materials and optimizing them in a wide range of applications.

Students who complete this emphasis will have it noted on their transcript. Students may double-count a maximum of one (0.5 FCE) course towards any ChE emphasis, or towards any other emphasis in the Faculty.


MEng students must successfully complete any four half courses (2.0 full-course equivalents [FCEs]) from the following list:

Course codeCourse name
CHE562H1Applied Polymer Chemistry
CHE1310HChemical Properties of Polymers
CHE1475HBiocomposite Materials
JTC1134HApplied Surface and Interface Science
JTC1135HApplied Surface and Interface Analysis
MIE1705HThermoplastics Polymer Processing
MIE1706HManufacturing of Cellular and Microcellular Polymers
MIE1707HStructure Property Relationships of Thermoplastic and Composite Foams
MIE1740HSmart Materials and Structures
MSE1032HPolymers and Composites Engineering


For questions related to this emphasis, contact Sarah Johns (mengprograms.chemeng@utoronto.ca).