Graduate Research Day 2023

Passionate about conducting research through a master’s or doctoral degree in chemical engineering? You will not want to miss Graduate Research Day 2023 (GRD2023) on November 8, 2023. GRD2023 is a unique VIRTUAL opportunity to experience what U of T's Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry can offer you as a graduate student.

RSVP today for the opportunity to engage with our world-renowned faculty, alumni, students and admissions staff. Outstanding domestic applicants who attend this event may be invited to visit our in-person event in the winter term.


“Attending Graduate Research Day played an essential part in making my decision for graduate studies. I made one-on-one connections with current students and professors — including the researchers I was most interested in working with. By visiting the department, I found a potential niche that aligned perfectly with my interests and goals.”

– Rachel Kwan, MASc candidate in chemical engineering


Wednesday November 8, 2023

1:00 p.m. Introduction – Iliana Sztainbok, Graduate Administrator

1:10 p.m. Welcome – Dr. Charles Jia,  Interim Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

1:15 p.m. How to make the most of your graduate training...things to consider when applying – Dr. Alison McGuigan, Professor

2:00 p.m. Chemical Engineering Graduate Student’s Association (CEGSA) Presentation – Arianna Skirzynska, CEGSA President

2:10 pm. Graduate Student Panel and Q & A

3:00 p.m. Poster Session

Participating Labs

Timothy Bender Lab - Chemistry for Sustainable Future: The Development of Boron Subphthalocyanines (BsubPcs) to Apply to Green Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices

Arthur Chan Lab - Analytical Research on Organic Matter in the Atmosphere

Levente Diosady Lab - Food Engineering

Ramin Farnood Lab - Photocatalysis and Photo-Fenton: 2 Keys to unlocking the potential of bio and industrial waste

Daniela Galatro Lab - Hybrid Machine Learning / Physics-Based Model to Predict Degradation of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Frank Gu Lab - Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Water Sustainability

Charles Jia Lab - Green Technology

Christopher Lawson Lab - Engineering Microbiomes for Sustainable Chemical Production and Resource Recovery

Radhakrishnan Mahadevan Lab - The Laboratory for Metabolic Systems Engineering

Emily Moore - Engineering Leadership: Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Technologies Using Systems Thinking

Mohamad Moosavi Lab - Artificial Intelligence for Chemical Science Research Group

Vladimiros Papangelakis Lab - Sustainable Processing of Mineral Resources, Water and Wastes

Molly Shoichet Lab - Engineering Biomaterials for Tissue Repair and Disease Modeling

Jay Werber Lab - Advanced Membranes Lab

Ning Yan Lab - Research in Advanced Biomaterials and Biochemicals

Who should apply to attend GRD2023?

This event is for top Canadian students looking to apply to U of T Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry MASc and PhD programs.

Why should I attend GRD2023?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to graduate school, from research interests and community to support and career-development opportunities. GRD 2023 is an exciting opportunity to have all your questions addressed about what Canada’s top program in chemical engineering & applied chemistry has to offer.

What will I experience at GRD2023?

  • Poster sessions featuring current research
  • Information on the application process and choosing a supervisor
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with graduate students already enrolled in the Department, faculty members and staff

How to apply for GRD2023?

We are no longer accepting applications for this event. Please contact with any questions.

This event is open to domestic students. International students who wish to attend must submit a CV and transcript with their registration. Outstanding international applicants will be invited to attend.

Need help?

Questions about the application procedure can be directed to:

Graduate Office
Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
University of Toronto
200 College Street, Room WB218
Toronto, ON, M5S 3E5, Canada