Environmental Engineering Consulting Emphasis

Through the Environmental Engineering Consulting emphasis, students will have opportunities to gain essential knowledge in monitoring, sustainable treatment technologies, modelling, environmental regulations, project management, and risk assessment. This emphasis will guide students in the ChemE MEng program, help them build knowledge, and develop expertise relevant to society.

This emphasis is only open to ChemE MEng students

Emphasis Requirements

MEng students must successfully complete four half courses (2.0 FCE) from the following lists, including at least one half course (0.5 FCE) from the Core Courses list:

Core Courses (at least one half course, 0.5 FCE, required)

CHE1151H - Engineering Systems Sustainability
CHE1431H - Environmental Auditing
CHE1432H - Technical Aspects of Environmental Regulations
CIV1319H - Chemistry and Analysis of Water and Waste
CME549H - Groundwater Flow and Contamination


Elective Courses

CHE 561H - Risk Based Safety Management
CHE1150H - Industrial Water Technology
CHE1433H - Air Dispersion Modelling
CIV 536H - Urban Activity, Air Pollution, and Health
CIV 541H - Environmental Biotechnology
CIV1308H - Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes
CIV1321H - Large Scale Infrastructure and Sustainability
CME500H - Fundamentals of Acid Rock Drainage
JCC1313H - Environmental Microbiology
JNC2503H - Environmental Pathways

For questions about this emphasis, contact the MEng Advisor at mengprograms.chemeng@utoronto.ca

Meet Yourong Li (ChemE MEng 2T0): Environmental Engineering Consultant

Yourong Li photo
Yourong Li presenting
MEng students listening to Yourong Li
Marko, Yourong and Professor Charles Jia
Yourong Li in his spare time

Yourong Li

After completing his ChemE MEng in June 2020, Yourong Li began work as an Environmental Engineering Consultant at Toronto Inspection Ltd. Geo-Environmental Consultants.

Recently, Yourong returned to Wallberg to talk to current ChemE MEng students at an MiC: Alumni Speaker Series. At the talk, Yourang shared his experiences working in this sector.