MEng Award and Scholarship Resources

The MEng is a professional graduate program. Students in professional graduate programs typically self-fund their educational expenses through a variety of programs including student loans, student lines of credit, personal savings and employment income.

However, there may sometimes be awards or scholarships that MEng students are eligible for. Here are some resources that MEng students can use to locate awards and scholarships:

Specific Awards and Scholarships for CHE MEng Students

MEng Entrance Scholarship

The MEng Entrance Scholarship is awarded to applicants, or new admits, to our Master of Engineering (MEng) program. Each scholarship recipient receives $2000.

No application is required; all applicants to the MEng program will be considered for a scholarship. The scholarships will awarded throughout the MEng application cycle.

The next MEng Entrance Scholarships will be distributed throughout the 2024-2025 MEng application cycle.

MEng Project Award

The MEng Project Award is awarded to two MEng project students who are nominated for the award after their project report is complete. Each award winner receives $500.

The MEng project supervisor is required to make the nomination. They can submit nominations at any time by emailing the MEng Coordinator & Advisor at with:

  • the name and email address of the nominee
  • an electronic copy of the nominee’s MEng project report

The next MEng Project Awards will be distributed in June 2024.

Loans and Grants for Domestic MEng Students

Domestic MEng students can apply for government student loans such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or other provincial loans. Students who are eligible for government loans may also qualify for the University of Toronto Financial Aid (UTAPS) grant.

For additional funding options for professional graduate programs, please see the Financial Aid page on Enrolment Services’ website web page.