MEng Project Report

The project report is to be no more than 50 pages long (plus appendices if necessary).  Access to bound copies of previously completed Project reports is available through the General Office Supervisor in the Main Office (WB 217).  Further information on report formatting is available here.

Once the supervisor(s) approve(s) the corrected Project report, the student must submit 1 bound copy to the General Office Supervisor in the Main Office (WB 217) and 1 bound copy to each supervisor.   Binding services are available through the UofT Bookstore or through independent printing companies.

The Department will provide up to $40 to cover photocopying and binding costs associated with one final copy of the Project report for students who completed the MEng on a full-time or extended full-time basis.  The supervisor will pay for any costs in excess incurred and for any additional copies.