Graduate Regulations and Processes

The following websites contain the regulations applicable to all MEng, MASc and PhD students in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry.

Review this information carefully!  You are responsible for knowing and understanding your program’s regulations and policies, and meeting relevant deadlines.

WebsiteInformationApplicable to...
SGS General Regulationsapplication & admission policies; program structures; registration & enrolment; grading and academic standing; program time limits & progress; supervision; graduation; appeals; & more...all graduate students
SGS Degree Regulationsadmission requirements; transfers; program requirements...all graduate students
SGS Program Regulations – Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistryprograms offered in ChemE; ChemE admission & program requirements; ChemE program lengths & time limits...all ChemE graduate students
SGS Stop-Out, Withdrawal, and Failure to Registertemporarily stopping your program (coursework-only MEng); withdrawal; failure to register continuously...all graduate students