LOT Awards 2022

The objective of these Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Awards is to recognize students in Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry who have shown the potential to become outstanding leaders. This potential may be demonstrated in a number of ways, including participation in student councils or clubs, community organizations, cultural groups, or athletics. Applicants should enumerate their service to others through volunteering or community work. Recipients should have the ability to inspire others to action and to excellence.

In 2022, the following LOT Awards are available to full-time students in Chemical Engineering. The approximate value of each award is given below.

  • Students in Second Year - The Professor James W. Smith Leaders of Tomorrow Award ($5,125.74)
  • Students in Second Year - The Class of 8T2 Emerging Leaders Award in Chemical Engineering ($5,000)
  • Students in Third Year - The Class of 5T9 Leaders of Tomorrow Award ($8,094.41)
  • Students in Fourth Year - The Troost Family Leaders of Tomorrow Award ($6,937.09)
  • Students in Third or Fourth year - The ERCO Worldwide Leaders of Tomorrow Award ($6,471.18)

The following documents must be submitted by applicants:

1. An updated copy of your “Online Engineering Portfolio” (Applicants should pay special attention to the sections: “Leadership Information” and “Personal Statement.”). Please submit your e-portfolio as a PDF with your application.

Note: PEY Co-op students are not eligible to apply.

2. Transcripts (unofficial is fine) of post-secondary grades. For University of Toronto transcripts, please submit your ROSI online transcript.

3. One letter of reference from a University of Toronto teaching staff (TAs included).

4. One letter of reference from a University of Toronto administrative staff, student club leader or a personal reference from outside of the University of Toronto who has witnessed your leadership.

Awardees will be announced during the 36th ChemE Dinner on Friday, May 27, 2022.

Submission Deadline & Details

Applications are to be submitted by email to Delicia Ansalem (delicia.ansalem@utoronto.ca), External Relations, by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2022.

NOTE: Submit all documents, including reference letters, in PDF format with your name and the award you are applying for clearly labeled (ex: DAnasalem_8T2 Emerging Leader Award). Please indicate in your email if you would like to be considered for more than one award.