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Three Ways U of T Engineers are Addressing Food and Nutrition Issues around the World December 17, 2015 - A new multidisciplinary collaboration from the Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN) is bringing together researchers from across the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering to address hunger and malnutrition, which affect billions of people around the world. The Food & Nutrition Security Engineering Initiative (FaNSEI) seeks to leverage the Faculty’s diverse expertise to advance engineering... Read more »
Caitlin Maikawa (ChemE 1T6) Reflects on her Experience at the Catalyst Canada Honours Conference December 11, 2015 - I was one of two U of T Engineering students who had the opportunity to attend the Catalyst Canada Honours Conference, as part of the BMO Millennial Leaders Advisory Council in November 2015. BMO invited 30 female-engineering and -business students from top schools across Canada. U of T had three students invited, two from Engineering... Read more »
ChemE Alumnus Named President of National Taitung University in Taiwan December 11, 2015 - The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry would like to congratulate Alumnus Yew-Min Tzeng (MASc 8T3, PhD 8T7) who will become National Taitung University’s president in February 2016. His work under U of T Professors Levente Diosady and L. J. Rubin led to a productive food engineering research career in Taiwan, where he later... Read more »
U of T Hosts its First PetroChallenge December 11, 2015 - During the weekend of November 28-29, 2015, students from the University of Toronto’s departments of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Civil + Mineral Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Earth Sciences, and Physics competed in U of T’s first PetroChallenge sponsored by NExT-Schlumberger and ShawCor. Close to 90 students registered for the event and only 48... Read more »
From Canadian Petro-Chemical Consultant to Washington, DC: a Q&A with Stephen Selk (7T6) November 27, 2015 - Most people are familiar with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the evening news. Others, like ChemE alumnus Stephen Selk (7T6), actually work there. The Toronto-born chemical engineer spent 25 years in the petro-chemical industry in Canada before making his way south to Washington, D.C. Since 2013, he has been a supervising... Read more »
Engineering for Educators Builds Bridges with Local Teachers November 27, 2015 - Last Friday, more than 40 high school science and math teachers from across the Greater Toronto Area joined U of T Engineering for a series of interactive and collaborative workshops on teaching and learning. Engineering for Educators (E4E) is an annual event in which secondary teachers and U of T Engineering faculty and staff discuss innovative ways... Read more »
How Canada Reversed the ‘Brain Drain’ November 23, 2015 - In the 1990s, we feared a “brain drain” to the United States. But star recruits in science and engineering, such as ChemE Professor Yu-Ling Cheng, have changed the equation by staying in Canada. Read full Toronto Star article.
ChemE Prof Grows Tiny Hearts for Research November 23, 2015 - Tiny bits of human skin are being transformed into miniature, beating hearts in a scientific medical breakthrough a University of Toronto researcher believes will not only save lives but alter the course of drug testing forever. The rod-shaped, elastic-like, thumbnail-sized patch of tissue is only about 6mm long but expands and contracts just like a... Read more »
Engineers Create New Technology for Understanding Cancer Growth November 23, 2015 - A team of U of T engineers is unrolling the mysteries of cancer — literally. They have developed a way to grow cancer cells in the form of a rolled-up sheet that mimics the 3D environment of a tumour, yet can also be taken apart in seconds. The platform, described in a new Nature Materials paper,... Read more »
Molly Shoichet Talks Regenerative Medicine at TEDxToronto November 20, 2015 - Professor Molly Shoichet (ChemE, IBBME) was among the inspiring roster of speakers and performers at this year’s TEDxToronto conference, held October 22. Shoichet’s talk focused on her research into regenerative medicine and it’s potential to be a game-changer in the treatment of disease. “When I look back on medical treatments [from the past] I’m really... Read more »
World Toilet Day: U of T Engineers Reinventing Hygienic Toilets for Developing World November 19, 2015 - Today, November 19, is World Toilet Day, but if you were able to celebrate it, you should consider yourself lucky. Worldwide, about 2.5 billion people — a third of the global population — have no access to safe sanitation. This lack of hygiene is linked to the spread of many preventable diseases, such as diarrheal... Read more »
Update on Grand Challenges Project “Mother’s Milk” November 11, 2015 - In Bangladesh, where child under-nutrition is a major problem, a new solution is being offered to help mothers working in garment factories to feed their babies breast milk for longer thanks to the Grand Challenges project “Mother’s Milk.” This project found its roots here at U of T from a course offered through the Centre... Read more »
Regenerative Medicine Conference Puts Spotlight on U of T Engineers November 2, 2015 - The Canadian RM community met in Toronto this week for its annual scientific conference: the Till & McCulloch Meetings, named for the University of Toronto researchers James Till and Ernest McCulloch who discovered transplantable stem cells in 1961. The conference was a who’s who of world-renowned researchers affiliated with U of T, including engineering professors Molly... Read more »
ChemE Alum Named New Assistant Dean at the Lassonde School of Engineering October 20, 2015 - Back in March, the Lassonde School of Engineering announced the Lassonde 50:50 Challenge to become the first engineering school in Canada to achieve a 50:50 gender balance. With the support of resources from Pierre Lassonde, the school has appointed Marisa Sterling (9T1) its new Assistant Dean, Inclusivity & Diversity. She will focus full-time on developing... Read more »
ChemE Student Qualifies for Canadian National Swimming Championship October 19, 2015 - ChemE student Edward Liu (1T7) secured a spot at the Canadian national swimming championship at last weekend’s Downtown Sprint meet held at the University of Toronto.  Edward, who is part of the U of T Varsity Blues swimming team, specializes in the butterfly and placed 1st in the 50m butterfly at the 2014 CIS championships.... Read more »
Molly Shoichet Inspires at YWIES October 9, 2015 - A select group of high-achieving high school science students had the opportunity to spend their morning last Saturday with one of the world’s leading experts in biomedical engineering. More than 70 top students from schools across the Toronto area gathered at the Faculty’s Young Women in Engineering Symposium (YWIES). The event began with a keynote... Read more »
New Strategy to Fight Parasitic Plant October 8, 2015 - Engineering and biology professors at the University of Toronto have developed a new strategy for helping African farmers fight a parasitic plant that devastates crops. Plants in the genus Striga, also known as witchweed, act as parasites of other plants, tapping into their root systems and hijacking them for their own purposes. Though their purple... Read more »
Continued Support from Dorothy Szymaszek September 29, 2015 - Dorothy Szymaszek never attended the University of Toronto but her husband, J. Walter Szymaszek (ChemE 4T3), had an affection for his alma mater that was contagious. “He always had a soft spot for the University,” Dorothy said. “Our first date was to the University. He took me around campus and showed me the Little Red... Read more »
Andrew White and CHAR Technologies September 23, 2015 - Andrew White (oT8, MASc 1T0) and his U of T research spinoff, CHAR Technologies, makes the production of renewable natural gas more affordable, sustainable and streamlined. (Read more about CHAR Technologies.) “We developed a cost-effective, convenient and zero-waste cleaning solution,” the chemical engineering grad says. The idea sparked when White toured a renewable natural gas... Read more »
How Engineers Lead: the Engineering Leadership Project September 22, 2015 - What does it take to make an engineer a leader? And why is leadership in the profession so important? These fundamental questions are what Professor Doug Reeve (ChemE) and his colleagues in the Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead) are exploring in the Engineering Leadership Project (ELP). It’s an emerging partnership between... Read more »
New “Tissue Velcro” Could Help Repair Damaged Hearts August 28, 2015 - Engineers at the University of Toronto just made assembling functional heart tissue as easy as fastening your shoes. The team has created a biocompatible scaffold that allows sheets of beating heart cells to snap together just like Velcro™. “One of the main advantages is the ease of use,” says Professor Milica Radisic (ChemE, IBBME), who led the... Read more »
U of T to Transform Regenerative Medicine with $114-million Federal Grant July 28, 2015 - The University of Toronto is set to cement its position as one of the world’s leading centres for the design and manufacture of cells, tissues and organs that can be used to treat degenerative disease, thanks to a $114-million grant from the federal government. The research grant, the largest in U of T’s history, is... Read more »
$2.8 Million Research Grant Boosts the Search for ‘Green Plastics’ July 17, 2015 - Paper or plastic? This seemingly mundane question captures of one of our biggest sustainability challenges: although paper is renewable and biodegradable, for many uses non-degradable plastic still wins out due to its resilience and versatility. Now, thanks to a new grant from the European Research Council, Professor Emma Master is searching for ways to get... Read more »
U of T Researchers Launch Interactive Air Pollution Map for Pan Am Games July 10, 2015 - A group of researchers from the University of Toronto and the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network have launched an interactive map that tracks air pollution across Toronto for the Pan Am Games. The tool uses data from new AirSENCE devices, which are a type of inexpensive air quality monitoring system that the U of T team... Read more »
Generous Gift Supports Biomedical Engineering Research June 23, 2015 - Professor Milica Radisic (ChemE, IBBME) is among U of T Engineering researchers whose work is benefiting from a generous $1-million gift to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering provided by alumnus Lyon Sachs (IndE 4T9).  His gift aims to strengthen ties between U of T Engineering and Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology by providing funding for collaborative... Read more »
New Alumni to Watch June 15, 2015 - Two recent grads from ChemE are among the Faculty’s top 16 new alumni to watch out for. Read full story to find out more about Meruyert Kobikova (ChemE 1T5) andSolmaz Tabtabaei (ChemE PhD 1T5).
ChemE Profs Receive ORF Funding June 15, 2015 - This week, U of T Engineering received $16.9 million from the Government of Ontario to advance 13 innovative research projects. Awarded through the Ontario Research Fund (ORF), two ChemE professors will receive funding to further their projects. Gisele Azimi (MSE, ChemE) – Extraction, Processing, and Recycling of Strategic Materials ($115,214) Elodie Passeport (ChemE, CivE) – Stable Isotope... Read more »
Molly Shoichet Symposium on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine June 9, 2015 - In commemoration of Molly Shoichet‘s recent rank to University Professor, the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry and Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering hosted the Molly Shoichet Symposium on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine on June 4, 2015. The event brought in celebrated scholars from the field, including Shoichet’s long-time friend David Mooney, a professor of... Read more »
Why Alumni Return to Skule for Spring Reunion June 8, 2015 - On Saturday, May 30, the department hosted its Annual Spring Reunion Lunch and Tour. Many ChemE alumni returned to Skule for the event despite the rain. Learn what brought them back.
A Quarter of Cars on Road Produce Most of the Pollution May 14, 2015 - That beat-up junker in your neighbor’s driveway is likely to produce more pollution during a long day’s commute than some newer vehicles emit driving cross country. A new study out of Canada has tried to quantify the pollution gap. By monitoring traffic in downtown Toronto, scientists found that 25 percent of the cars they measured... Read more »
‘Hydrogels’ Boost Ability of Stem Cells to Restore Eyesight and Heal Brain May 14, 2015 - Toronto scientists and engineers have made a breakthrough in cell transplantation using a gel-like biomaterial that keeps cells alive and helps them integrate better into tissue. In two early lab trials, this has already shown to partially reverse blindness and help the brain recover from stroke. Led by University of Toronto Professors Molly Shoichet and Derek van der... Read more »
Molly Shoichet Launches Research2Reality May 12, 2015 - On May 11, Professor Molly Shoichet (ChemE, IBBME) launched Research2Reality, a $400,000 social-media campaign she is spearheading that is designed to shine a spotlight on the work of academic researchers across the country. It is one of the most ambitious outreach efforts of its kind in Canada to date and it comes at a time when research advocates... Read more »
Traffic Emissions May Pollute 1 in 3 Canadian Homes April 21, 2015 - A trio of recently published studies from a team of University of Toronto engineers has found that air pollution could be spreading up to three times farther than thought – contributing to varying levels of air quality across cities. Past research on air pollution from vehicle tailpipes has shown poor air quality anywhere between 100... Read more »
ChemE Student/Entrepreneur Exhibiting Idea at Discovery April 2, 2015 - Ashrith Domun, a third-year chemical engineering student, has been invited to be an exhibitor at the Young Entrepreneurs Zone at Discovery – Canada’s largest innovation showcase and conference. A few months ago, Ashrith spotted a market opportunity to kickstart the sluggish hydrogen fuel cell industry. He inspired his roommate to jump on the opportunity with... Read more »
Smarter Cities for India: U of T Engineering Professors Build New Partnerships March 13, 2015 - Professor Yu-Ling Cheng along with three other professors from our Faculty travelled to India with U of T President Meric Gertler earlier this year to discuss Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to build 100 smart cities in his country. Professor Cheng and the group participated in a roundtable on sustainable urbanization at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, visited think tanks and... Read more »
WISE National Conference March 13, 2015 - This year’s Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) National Conference is being chaired by Mahsa Nami (1T4 + PEY). On March 21 and 22, 2015 more than 250 students from across Canada will converge at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the conference – an inspirational weekend to build leadership skills, increase confidence in careers and boost involvement in... Read more »
Four New NSERC Strategic Grants February 12, 2015 - The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering recently received 12 NSERC strategic grants with four of them being awarded to the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry. The objective of NSERC’s strategic grants program is to increase research and training in targeted areas that could strongly enhance Canada’s economy, society and/or environment within the... Read more »
Connaught Funds Research at Chemical Engineering January 28, 2015 - Eleven U of T researchers have been awarded a grand total of $933,800 from the university’s own research funding source, the Connaught Fund. Two of these researchers are from the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry. Professor Edgar Acosta’s project is entitled, “Microencapsulated self-microemulsifying drug delivery system” and Professor Radhakrishnan Mahadevan’s project is called, “Production of... Read more »
Azimi and Passeport Win CFI Funding January 23, 2015 - Gisele Azimi and Elodie Passeport are among eleven U of T researchers who will receive funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders fund totalling over $1.8M. This fund aims to assist institutions in attracting and retaining talented researchers. Gisele Azimi, who holds a joint appointment with the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, will... Read more »

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