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Skin cells ‘crawl’ together to heal wounds treated with unique hydrogel layer December 15, 2016 - Time may not heal all wounds, but a proprietary mix of peptides and gel developed by U of T Engineering researchers heals most. A team led by Professor Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE) has demonstrated for the first time that their peptide-hydrogel biomaterial prompts skin cells to “crawl” toward one another, closing chronic, non-healing wounds often... Read more »
Emma Master receives grant from Genome Canada’s 2015 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition December 9, 2016 - The research project entitled, SYNBIOMICS: Functional genomics and techno-economic models for advanced biopolymer synthesis, which Professor Emma Master co-leads with Harry Brumer of UBC, is one of 13 winning projects from Genome Canada’s 2015 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition. Successful projects were selected based on genomic approaches to address challenges and opportunities of importance to... Read more »
Alum thanks ChemE for support after husband released from Egyptian prison, reunited with family December 5, 2016 - Sarah Attia (ChemE MASc 0T5) and her husband Khaled Al-Qazzaz (MIE MASc 0T3) recently visited the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry to thank the Department for its support. This past summer, Al-Qazzaz was reunited with Attia and their four children after he spent three years trapped in Egypt, much of it in a... Read more »
Clean water, clean air: ChemE research addresses big sustainability questions November 30, 2016 - Every person on this planet needs clean water to survive. Yet the World Bank estimates that 1.6 billion people — that’s more than one in five — live in a region of “absolute water scarcity.” That number is expected to climb to 2.8 billion by 2025 due to climate change. Professor Ramin Farnood (ChemE PhD... Read more »
New research consortium aims to build critical bridge between environmental and health data November 25, 2016 - You can sequence your unique genome in search of genetic mutations that cause disease. But it’s much harder to study your ‘exposome’ — the cumulative effect of your environment on your health over a lifetime. Now a pan-Canadian research consortium wants to connect detailed environmental data with public health data to study Canadians’ exposomes. Dr. Jeffrey... Read more »
Bill Dowkes announces 500 for 50k Challenge November 14, 2016 - UPDATE: We Did it! The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied surpassed the goal of 500 donations before December 31st to unlock the $50, 000 donation from Bill Dowkes. Thank you to everyone who donated during the campaign! Bill Dowkes (ChemE 6T2) has been a fixture in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry... Read more »
ChemE Phd Student finds breath of fresh air in Netherlands November 11, 2016 - Since early October, ChemE PhD student Kerolyn Shairsingh has been on exchange at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The exchange is part of a three-way research collaboration between the University of Toronto, Utrecht University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and represents U of T’s first ever tripartite research collaboration. Shairsingh is working on... Read more »
ChemE prof Molly Shoichet featured in NOW magazine October 21, 2016 - NOW magazine recently published a feature article on ChemE University Professor Molly Shoichet and the numerous awards she has received. Prof. Shoichet has been turning heads for her innovative work in stem cell science and drug delivery systems. She won the 2016 Till & McCulloch Award, which recognizes Canadian stem cell researchers, for her studies... Read more »
Michael Sefton receives $1.1M from JDRF for type 1 diabetes research October 12, 2016 - University of Toronto professor Michael Sefton (ChemE, IBBME) has been presented with a major research award from international diabetes foundation JDRF to advance treatment research for type 1 diabetes (T1D). The funding, valued at approximately $1.1 million ($845,135 USD), supports a three-year study at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)... Read more »
ChemE students compete at Green Energy Challenge finals October 7, 2016 - The University of Toronto student chapter of the Canadian/National Electrical Contractors Association (CECA/NECA) is one of three finalists to compete at the 2016 Green Energy Challenge in Boston this weekend. The students from U of T Engineering are the only Canadian team, and will compete against teams from Iowa State and the University of Washington.... Read more »
Molly Shoichet delivers keynote address at 2016 Young Women in Engineering Symposium October 7, 2016 - More than 50 aspiring female engineers gathered at the University of Toronto for the annual Young Women in Engineering Symposium (YWIES) on Saturday, October 1. University Professor Molly Shoichet (IBBME, ChemE), a world-renowned researcher and pioneering biomedical engineer, delivered the keynote address. Read the full story.
New consortium at U of T to study environmental impacts on public health September 30, 2016 - With more than 80 per cent of Canada’s population living in cities and globally more people move into urban locales, there is an urgent need to learn how to design and modify cities to improve – not degrade – public health. So University of Toronto researchers have established the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE), made up of more than 80 environmental health experts... Read more »
ChemE student gains research experience with Summer Research Fellowship September 9, 2016 - Olga Misic (1T9) just entered her second year at ChemE, but she already has four months of graduate-level experience under her belt. Misic is one of eight U of T Engineering undergraduate students awarded the inaugural First-Year Summer Research Fellowships, enabling them to pursue their passion for intellectual exploration in labs across the Faculty. Read... Read more »
From aspiring musician to research rockstar: Research2Reality interviews ChemE prof Greg Evans August 18, 2016 - Greg Evans is the Director of SOCAAR and a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Research2Reality asked him everything from what he is reading to what advice he would give to young researchers to give you a better understanding of what goes on outside the lab... Read more »
Molly Shoichet on turning research into clinical treatment August 9, 2016 - In a recent article published by the Toronto Star, University Professor Molly Shoichet (ChemE, IBBME) talked about the long process of turning scientific breakthroughs into clinical treatment available to patients. “Studies like mine often produce a lot of hope, but also frustration that the ‘product’ is not available,” she says. “So why does it take... Read more »
Alumnus Boyang Zhang a rising star of medtech July 28, 2016 - MDDI Online has named Boyang Zhang (PhD 1T4) as a rising star in the medical technology sector. Zhang worked on the AngioChip as part of his PhD studies in the Chemical Engineering department at U of T. The chip offers a way to vascularize tissue with a permeable, mechanically stable polymer vascular bed. Zhang is... Read more »
Hydrogenics wins hybrid hydrogen power contract in northeast Thailand July 26, 2016 - Mississauga developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation technology and hydrogen fuel cell power modules Hydrogenics Corporation (TSX:HYG) (NASDAQ:HYGS) – led by Daryl Wilson (ChemE 8T2) – has been awarded a contract on the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT)s Lam Takhong Wind Hydrogen Hybrid Project, along with Phraram 2 Civil Engineering Co., Ltd., which will... Read more »
TDSB catches up with top scholars July 26, 2016 - The Toronto District School Board (TDSD) recently announced the names of its highest achieving students this year and caught up with a few past scholars. Among the group of past scholars was Stephanie Gaglione (ChemE 1T6 + PEY). Stephanie graduated from St. Robert Catholic High School in 2012 with a 99.67 per cent average. She... Read more »
Think a more fuel-efficient engine is the green choice? Maybe not July 13, 2016 - Trying to think green when buying a car? Whether your new fuel-efficient engine helps or hurts the warming planet depends on where you live and what you’re putting in the tank, shows new research out of U of T Engineering. New cars aim to deliver high performance with maximum fuel efficiency, making them easier on... Read more »
Hungry for hazardous waste: New funding will help commercialize pollution-eating microbes July 11, 2016 - Professor Elizabeth Edwards (ChemE) and her team have developed a secret weapon in the war against pollution: a mix of micro-organisms that eat toxic chemicals for breakfast. New funding announced today by Genome Canada will help Edwards and her industrial partners bring the unique microbial culture to market. Everywhere that tanks of oil or gasoline... Read more »
Alumnus helps design programmable RNA vaccines July 6, 2016 - Omar Khan (ChemE 0T4, MASc 0T8, PhD 1T1) is part of a team of engineers at MIT who have developed a new type of easily customizable vaccine that can be manufactured in one week, allowing it to be rapidly deployed in response to disease outbreaks. So far, they have designed vaccines against Ebola, H1N1 influenza,... Read more »
AirSENCE featured in AllerGen magazine June 9, 2016 - The Allergy, Genes and Environment Network (AllerGen) recently featured a story on AirSENCE, a device developed by Professor Greg Evans and team that provides real-time air quality monitoring, in AllerGen’s spring magazine. Read full story.
Innovations in teaching: Greg Evans June 2, 2016 - Greg Evans, one of three winners of the 2015 President’s Teaching Awards, spoke to U of T News about teaching teamwork in chemical engineering in this second instalment of the Innovations in Teaching series. Read full story.
Simple attraction: U of T Engineering researchers control protein release from nanoparticles without encapsulation May 27, 2016 - A U of T Engineering team has designed a simpler way to keep therapeutic proteins where they are needed for long periods of time. The discovery is a potential game-changer for the treatment of chronic illnesses or injuries that often require multiple injections or daily pills. For decades, biomedical engineers have been painstakingly encapsulating proteins... Read more »
OCCAM’s Official Grand Opening draws in crowd May 13, 2016 - On Thursday, May 12, over 200 people across 58 organizations spanning academia, industry and government attended the Ontario Centre for the Characterisation of Advanced Materials (OCCAM) Official Grand Opening in the Wallberg Building. OCCAM contains leading-edge equipment for imaging, analyzing and manipulating materials with nanometre-scale precision. These insights will help researchers understand the natural world... Read more »
U of T joins with European, Asian universities to tackle urban issues May 4, 2016 - Urban issues were the main topic of discussion as U of T President Meric Gertler met with Utrecht University President Marjan Oudeman and Chinese University of Hong Kong President Joseph Sung in in Utrecht, Holland recently. One of the highlights of the conference was the signing of a five-year collaboration on global public health by... Read more »
Engineering leadership celebrated at Troost ILead luncheon April 27, 2016 - Corporate partners, alumni, faculty, and students gathered on Friday, April 15, at Massey College for a luncheon to celebrate the success of the  Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering ( Troost ILead). The first institute of its kind in Canada, Troost ILead offers courses, and co-curricular programs to help students excel in the work... Read more »
EngEd students aim to improve the world April 27, 2016 - Whether they are increasing student engagement or providing opportunities to work across disciplines, students enrolled in the Collaborative Program in Engineering Education (EngEd) aim to improve engineering education both in Canada and around the world. EngEd launched in 2014 and allows master and doctoral students from either U of T Engineering or the Ontario Institute... Read more »
HEQCO report shows success of Troost ILead-developed team effectiveness tool April 27, 2016 - With exam season underway, students receive marks reflecting what they learned — but it’s often harder to evaluate improvements to skills such as communication, relationship building or team problem solving, especially in large classes. Now, as they complete their final group presentations for the semester, U of T Engineering students are receiving feedback on their... Read more »
Research program led by Professor Milica Radisic receives CREATE grant April 21, 2016 - A collaborative research program led by Professor Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE) has received a major grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Through the Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) grant, worth $1.65 million over six years, Professor Radisic’s research program will help train a new generation of experts in leading-edge treatments for... Read more »
Tailored protein binding opens possibilities for nerve, tissue treatments March 18, 2016 - Dr. Malgosia Pakulska and University Professor Molly Shoichet (ChemE, IBBME) have outlined the best techniques for discovering molecules that will bind to proteins with the potential to treat conditions from stroke to heart disease. Their review paper was published today in the leading journal Science, and also featured in news stories on both the Faculty website... Read more »
‘Person-on-a-chip’ technology — a new tool for drug testing March 7, 2016 - Professor Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE) and her research team have taken another step forward in the quest to recreate living organs in the lab. Artificially growing functional human tissues that closely mimic real organs is an important goal in regenerative medicine.  Such tissues could be used to test drugs safety or help discover new drugs... Read more »
Elodie Passeport receives NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant March 2, 2016 - New funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) will advance U of T Engineering research in sustainable energy, telecommunications and more. On March 1, NSERC announced six Strategic Partnership Grants to help U of T engineers address some of the greatest challenges facing Canada and the world. In total, the program invested... Read more »
Industry Open House 2016 February 26, 2016 - They came seeking solutions: industry partners in fields from plastics to finance gathered at the third annual Industry Open House, hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry on Friday, Feb. 19, 2016. More than 60 industry and government representatives flocked to the University of Toronto’s Hart House to strengthen existing partnerships or... Read more »
Hydrogenics Joins HyBalance February 26, 2016 - Hydrogenics Corporation (NASDAQ:HYGS) (TSX:HYG), led by Daryl Wilson (ChemE 8T2), is a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation technology and hydrogen fuel cell power modules. On February 23, 2016, the company announced that it has been selected to join a consortium of European companies, including Air Liquide, for a €15 million Power-to-Gas demonstration project... Read more »
Lab-grown Heart Cells to Improve Drug Safety February 24, 2016 - Under a microscope at U of T Engineering, heart cells are pulsing together in a petri dish. For Professor Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE) and her team, it’s just another day in the lab. Although they are grown outside the body, the human tissues engineered in Radisic’s lab look and behave just like the real thing.... Read more »
HEQCO’s New Study Based on U of T Project February 24, 2016 - The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario recently published a new study entitled, Structured feedback program helps students improve teamwork and collaboration skills. The study examined an initiative at the University of Toronto – spearheaded by Professors Greg Evans and Doug Reeve, and their colleague Patricia Sheridan from the Troost ILead team – that used... Read more »
LOT Awards 2016 February 22, 2016 - The objective of these Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Awards is to recognize students in Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry who have shown the potential to become outstanding leaders.  This potential may be demonstrated in a number of ways, including participation in student councils or clubs, community organizations, cultural groups, or athletics. Applicants should enumerate their... Read more »
Women Shaping the Future of Engineering February 11, 2016 - On the first International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we’re excited to highlight two ChemE professors — both appointed in recent years — that are creating innovative solutions in sustainability and the environment. This article originally appeared in the 2015 issue of Skulematters. Gisele Azimi Making the most of rare earths Rare earth elements (REEs)... Read more »
Three Industry Professionals Leading U of T Engineering Courses January 26, 2016 - For Randy Sinukoff, the best part of being a course instructor is watching new understanding take root. “I love it when the light goes on in someone’s head,” he says. “I love it when they discover something they never thought of before, or realize something that they can apply to their own life and work.”... Read more »
Meet Seven Student Interns from U of T Engineering January 26, 2016 - Internships are one of the many ways U of T Engineering maintains strong relationships with its numerous industry partners. Currently, a record 782 undergraduate students are spending a year or more working with companies, governments or research institutions around the world as part of the Professional Experience Year (PEY) program. The optional paid internship program... Read more »
CCRM Receives $20M in Support January 14, 2016 - Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Michael May (9T1, PhD 9T8), President and CEO of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). During the visit, Prime Minister Trudeau announced $20 million in funding support for CCRM to scale-up engineering. To watch the CTV interview with Michael May discussing the impact of the funding, click... Read more »
NYC Startup Based on Milica Radisic’s Research January 7, 2016 - One of the most recent developments over the past year has been the presence of a number of early stage biotech investors trying to set up companies in New York. Tara Biosystems is one of those startups that hopes to take root in the city. Harris & Harris, a local biotech startup investor, seeded Tara... Read more »

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