Anaerobic Treatment of Dairy Wastewater

Anaerobic Teatment of Dairy Wastewater

MEng Project

In this project a feasibility study will be conducted with the goal to establish anaerobic wastewater treatment within a dairy food company in Toronto. The company’s wastewater is currently being treated in a nearby municipal wastewater treatment plant at a cost penalty. In order to maintain market competitiveness and leave a smaller environmental footprint the company considers implementing anaerobic treatment of their waste streams. Anaerobic treatment requires less energy than activated sludge treatment, such as applied in the municipal system, and also recovers energy in form of utilizable methane. The project involves bench-scale experiments with the company’s wastewater as well as chemical analyses including liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) measurements. The duration of the project will be 6 months (on a part-time basis) and it will start in December 2014, or January 2015 at the latest. Knowledge of wastewater treatment and/or anaerobic digestion would be an asset. If interested, please send your CV and transcripts to both Prof. Elizabeth Edwards at, and Dr. Torsten Meyer at