Optimizing the Pilot Scale Fermentation Unit for the Production of Valuable Proteins

For Meng students who are interested in a Bioprocessing project.

The overall goal is to help us understand the transport properties (mixing, mass transfer) of the pilot scale fermentor in the Unit Ops lab and how that is related to the growth of bacteria as we scale up from shake flasks to large scale.
The exact nature of the project will be worked out by the student(s).  Specific tasks could include:

  • Lit review on E. coli growth for large scale reactors
  • Measure the kLa of the reactor
  • Compare growth kinetics of flasks vs. fermenter
  • Determine the effect of dissolved oxygen on E. coli
  • Determine the effect of mixing rate on dissolved oxygen and growth rates of E. coli
  • Update the instructions manual for the fermenter

Interested students can contact Sofia Tobar (sofiabonillatobar@gmail.com) with a brief resume and also copy Prof. D. G. Allen (dgrant.allen@utoronto.ca).