Informatics is a vital part of the Information Technology (IT) revolution. It is the science dealing with the design, use and assessment of information processing systems. Such “systems” are typically powerful, computer-implemented mathematical methods, which allow both qualitative and quantitative data to be incorporated into comprehensive, predictive models. Informatics tools are very broadly applicable.

There is an urgent need for engineers who understand the diverse problems originating from IT integration into company operations. Industry is already using IT at all levels of the plant and management and knowledge of Informatics is an essential requirement for success in the profession. The development and evolution of IT based infrastructure and systems for use in organisational processes have been widely recognized as a major Global need. For at least three decades, the IT industry has been recruiting engineers for all manner of assignments, many of the best corporations have made tactical, and strategic use of engineering inspired Informatics in their firms.

The basic scientific approach and ready problem-solving attitude of an engineer makes them ideal candidates for designing and implementing Informatics applications in industry. Chemical Engineers especially should be in the forefront of applying IT as we are responsible for many complex technical systems, such as refineries, paper mills, etc. which cannot operate without extensive computer interventions.

It is understood that the fundamental and substantial changes brought by Informatics to all aspects of business, government and institutions will continue, and even accelerate in the future. This Cluster was formed to ensure that the needs of students are met from both a teaching (courses and research) perspective and from an industry perspective. We collaborate closely with industry and obtain continual feedback defining the dynamic industrial IT environment.

Cluster Members:

ChemEOther departments and organizations
Cluster Leader: J.C. Paradi
S.T. Balke
W.R. Cluett
D.E. Cormack
L.L. Diosady
G.J. Evans
C.Q. Jia
M. Kawaji
Y.A. Lawryshyn
A.P. McGuigan
C.M. Yip (IBBME)
D.C.S. Kuhn (U. Manitoba)
K.A. Woodhouse (Queens U.)