MEng Requirements & Course Load

MEng Requirements

  • 10 half-credit (H) graduate-level courses* in total, including:
  • Of the courses chosen above:
    • No more than 3 can be 500-level courses
    • No more than 4 can be non-technical courses

*All courses must be successfully completed  (i.e., courses with a grade of FZ, INC, IPR, NCR, or WDR or do not count towards your MEng requirements)
**Must complete departmental Safety Training (CHE2222H) before starting the project

NEW: Check whether your MEng requirements are complete, or determine what else you need to take to complete your degree, with our MEng Program Completion Checklist.

Technical and Non-Technical Courses

Courses can be categorized as either technical or non-technical. All graduate-level CHE courses are technical unless assessed as “Not for credit**” in the technical/non-technical course list. MEng students are welcome to attend Lectures at the Leading Edge (CHE3001H), but it cannot be taken for credit. CHE1102H, JDE1000H, and other courses for MASc and PhD students only cannot be counted towards the MEng requirements.

A list of courses previously assessed as technical or non-technical is available here


Course Load

The table below shows the normal course loads and time limits for the MEng program:

MEng ProgramProgram LengthTime Limit for CompletionNormal Course Load
Full-time3 sessions3 years4 courses in Fall (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
4 courses in Winter (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
2 courses in Summer (2 non-technical)
Extended full-time6 sessions3 years6 courses/year (maximum 3/session)
Part-time9 sessions6 years1-4 courses/year (maximum 2/session)