Technical and Non-Technical Courses

This is a searchable and sortable list of courses that have been assessed as technical or non-technical. ChemE MEng students can refer to this list to help them choose which courses to take to complete their MEng requirements.

All graduate-level CHE courses are technical (unless assessed as “Not for credit**” in the technical/non-technical course list below). However, MEng students should not take some CHE courses (e.g., CHE1102, CHE3001, etc.). See the CHE courses in the list below for details.

This is not a complete list. Students can take courses that are not included in this list and request an assessment to determine if they are technical or non-technical.

Courses in the list:

  • may not be offered each year
  • may not to be open for enrolment at certain times
  • may require permission to enrol
  • may no longer be offered

For questions about a course’s availability or timetable, or if you have problems enrolling, contact the department that offers the course.

List of Courses Assessed as Technical or Non-Technical

* Depends on topic indicates that the course content changes year-to-year. If you would like to know if this year’s course is technical or non-technical, submit a request for assessment.

** Not for credit indicates that if the course is taken, it will not count towards your MEng requirements and it is neither technical or non-technical.

Course CodeTitleAssessed As
AER507H1Introduction to Fusion EnergyTechnical
APS1001HProject ManagementNon-technical
APS1004HHuman Resources Management: An Engineering PerspectiveNon-technical
APS1005HOperations Research For Engineering ManagementNon-technical
APS1009HNatural Resources ManagementNon-technical
APS1012HManagement Of Business Innovation And Transformational ChangeNon-technical
APS1013HApplying Innovation In Engineering And Business OperationsNon-technical
APS1015HSocial EntrepreneurshipNon-technical
APS1016HFinancial Management For EngineersNon-technical
APS1017HSupply Chain Management And LogisticsTechnical
APS1018HHistory And Philosophy Of EngineeringNon-technical
APS1020HInternational Business For EngineersNon-technical
APS1022HFinancial Engineering 2Technical
APS1023HNew Product InnovationNon-technical
APS1024HInfrastructure Resilience PlanningTechnical
APS1025HInfrastructure ProtectionTechnical
APS1028HOperations And Production Management For Manufacturing And ServicesNon-technical
APS1031HInfrastructure PlanningTechnical
APS1032HIntroduction To Energy Project ManagementNon-technical
APS1033HBusiness Innovation Leading To The Future, Based On ImagineeringNon-technical
APS1034HMaking Sense Of AccidentsTechnical
APS1035HTechnology Sales for Entrepreneurs Non-technical
APS1038HStrategic Sustainability ManagementNon-technical
APS1040HQuality Control For Engineering ManagementNon-technical
APS1049HManagement Consulting For EngineersNon-technical
APS1050HBlockchain Technologies And CryptocurrenciesTechnical
APS1051HPortfolio Management Praxis Under Real Market ConstraintTechnical
APS1052HA.I. In FinanceTechnical
APS1053HCase Studies in A.I. in FinanceTechnical
APS1061HBusiness Strategy and IntrapreneurshipNon-technical
APS1070HFoundations Of Data Analytics And Machine LearningTechnical
APS1080HReinforcement LearningTechnical
APS1088HBusiness Planning & ExecutionNon-technical
APS1101HSystem-Theoretic Accident & Risk AnalysisTechnical
APS1410HWaterpower EssentialsTechnical
APS1420HTechnology, Engineering And Global DevelopmentNon-technical
APS500H1Negotiations in an Engineering ContextNon-technical
APS502H1Financial Engineering ITechnical
APS510H1Innovative Technologies And Organizations In Global Energy SystemsNon-technical
BME1010HGraduate Student SeminarsNot for credit**
BME1011HGraduate Student SeminarsNot for credit**
BME1450HBiomaterials And Biomedical ResearchNot for credit**
BME1453HGenomics and Synthetic Nucleic Acid TechnologiesTechnical
BME1459HProtein EngineeringTechnical
BME1460HQuantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory And Application To Live Cell ImagingNot for credit**
BME1462HBiological Image AnalysisTechnical
BME1478HCoding for Biomedical EngineersTechnical
CHE507H1Data-Based Modelling For Prediction And ControlTechnical
CHE561H1Risk Based Safety ManagementTechnical
CHE562H1Applied Polymer Chemistry, Science And EngineeringTechnical
CHE564H1Pulp & Paper ProcessTechnical
CHE565H1Aqueous Process EngineeringTechnical
CHE566H1Elements Of Nuclear EngineeringTechnical
CHE568H1Nuclear EngineeringTechnical
CHE1102HResearch Methods and Project ExecutionNot for credit**
CHE3001HLectures at the Leading Edge (LLE)Not for credit**
(You are welcome to attend these lectures, but the course does not count towards the MEng requirements)
CHL5121HGenomics PolicyNon-technical
CHM1004HSynthesis of Modern PharmaceuticalsTechnical
CHM1102HBiosensors & Chemical SensorsTechnical
CHM1300HPolymer ChemistryTechnical
CHM1302HPolymer Physical Chemistry Technical
CHM1307HSoft Materials for Life, Energy, and the EnvironmentTechnical
CHM1304HOrganic Materials ChemistryTechnical
CHM1401HTransport And Fate Of Chemical Species In The EnvironmentTechnical
CHM1410HAnalytical Environmental ChemistryTechnical
CHM1415HTopics In Atmospheric ChemistryTechnical
CIV1099HSpecial Studies In Civil EngineeringDepends on topic*
CIV1279HConst. Contract DocumentsNon-technical
CIV1281HAsset ManagementTechnical
CIV1303HWater Resources Systems ModellingTechnical
CIV1307HLife Cycle Assessment And Sustainability Of Engineering ActivitiesTechnical
CIV1308HPhysical And Chemical Treatment ProcessesTechnical
CIV1311HAdvanced And Sustainable Drinking Water TreatmentTechnical
CIV1319HChemistry And Analysis Of Water And WastesTechnical
CIV1330HWater, Sanitation, Hygiene and Global HealthTechnical
CIV1320HIndoor Air QualityTechnical
CIV1399HSpecial Studies In Civil EngineeringDepends on topic*
CIV541H1Environmental BiotechnologyTechnical
CIV549H1Groundwater Flow And ContaminationTechnical
CIV550H1Water Resources EngineeringTechnical
CSC2515HIntroduction To Machine LearningTechnical
CSC2516HNeural Networks And Deep LearningTechnical
CSC2720HSys Thinking Global ProblemsTechnical
ECE516H1Intelligent Image ProcessingTechnical
ECE1086HPower Management Pv SytemsTechnical
ECE1513HIntroduction To Machine LearningTechnical
ECE1657HGame Theory and Evolutionary GamesTechnical
EES1102HAnalyt'L Chm For GeoscientistsTechnical
EES1103HField Measurement & SamplingTechnical
EES1104HMicroorganisms And EnvironmentTechnical
EES1105HSoil Contamination ChemistryTechnical
EES1106HGeology Of North AmericaTechnical
EES1107HRemediation MethodsTechnical
EES1108HEnviro Science Field CampTechnical
EES1109HAdv Tech Geographic Info SysTechnical
EES1110HSed & Contam Transport AquatTechnical
EES1111HFreshwater Ecol & BiomonitorTechnical
EES1112HBoundary ClimatesTechnical
EES1113HGroundwater HydrochemistryTechnical
EES1114HDir Reads Environ Science INon-technical
EES1115HDir Reads Environ Science IINon-technical
EES1117HClimate Change Impact AssesTechnical
EES1118HFundamental Ecological ModelTechnical
EES1119HEnvironmental AnalysisTechnical
EES1120HFluid DynamicsTechnical
EES1121HEnvironmental Fate ModellingTechnical
EES1122HGlobal Environmental SecurityNon-technical
EES1123HEnvironmental RegulationsNon-technical
EES1124HEnvironmental Project MngmtNon-technical
EES1125HContaminated Site RemediationTechnical
EES1126HHyrdology And Watershed ManagTechnical
EES1127HBiogeochemistry & GeomicrobioTechnical
EES1129HBrownfields RedevelopmentNon-technical
EES1130HOntario BiogeospheresNon-technical
EES1131HApplied ClimatologyTechnical
ENV1001HEnvir Decision MakingNon-technical
ENV1001HEnvironmental Decision MakingNon-technical
ENV1002HEnvironmental PolicyNon-technical
ENV1003HGlobal Climate Politics and PolicyNon-technical
ENV1004HUrban Sustain. & Ecol. Tech.Non-technical
ENV1701HEnvironmental LawNon-technical
ENV1703HWater Resource Mgmt & PolicyNon-technical
ENV1704HEnvironmental Analysis And Risk ManagementTechnical
ENV1707HEnvironmental FinanceNon-technical
ENV4444YInternshipDepends on topic*
ENV5555YResearch PaperDepends on topic*
FOR1294HBioenergy And Biorefinery TechnologyTechnical
GGR1408HEfficient Use Of EnergyTechnical
JBZ1472HComputational Genomics And BioinformaticsTechnical
JCC1313HEnvironmental MicrobiologyTechnical
JDE1000HEthics in Research SeminarNot for credit**
JEI1901HTechnology, Society And The Environment 1Non-technical
JEI1902HTechnology, Society And The Environment 2Non-technical
JFK1121HSelected Topics In Drug Development 2Technical
JFK1122HDrug Transport Across Biological MembranesTechnical
JGE1212HContaminants Fate And The EnvironmentTechnical
JGE1413HEnvironmental AssessmentNon-technical
JGE1420HUrban Waste ManagementNon-technical
JNC2503HEnvironmental PathwaysTechnical
JPG1404HGlobal WarmingNon-technical
JPG1407HEfficient Use Of EnergyTechnical
JPG1408HCarbon-Free EnergyTechnical
JPG1414HCities As EcosystemsNon-technical
JPG1508HPl Poor Dev CountrieNon-technical
JPV1201HPolitics, Bureaucracy And The EnvironmentNon-technical
MIE1080HIntroduction to Healthcare RoboticsTechnical
MIE1120HCurrent Energy Infrastructure And ResourcesTechnical
MIE1128HMaterials For Clean Energy TechnologiesTechnical
MIE1129HNuclear Engineering 1: Reactor Physics And The Nuclear Fuel CycleTechnical
MIE1130HNuclear Engineering 2: Thermal And Mechanical Design Of Nuclear Power ReactorsTechnical
MIE1132HHeat Exchanger DesignTechnical
MIE1214HApplied Computational Fluid DynamicsTechnical
MIE1222HMultiphase FlowsTechnical
MIE1232HMicrofluidics And Laboratory-On-A-Chip SystemsTechnical
MIE1240HWind PowerTechnical
MIE1241HEnergy ManagementTechnical
MIE1402HExperimental MethodsTechnical
MIE1411HDesign Of WorkplacesTechnical
MIE1453HIntroduction To Sensors And Sensor NetworkTechnical
MIE1512HData AnalyticsTechnical
MIE1514HSystems Design And Engineering: A Product PerspectiveTechnical
MIE1620HLinear Programming And Network FlowsTechnical
MIE1622HComputational FinanceTechnical
MIE1623HIntroduction to Healthcare EngineeringTechnical
MIE1624HIntroduction To Data Science And AnalyticsTechnical
MIE1626HData Science Methods and Quantitative AnalysisTechnical
MIE1628HBig Data ScienceTechnical
MIE1705HThermoplastic Polymer ProcessingTechnical
MIE1714HFailure AnalysisTechnical
MIE1715HLife Cycle EngineeringTechnical
MIE1723HEngineering Asset ManagementTechnical
MIE1727HQuality AssuranceTechnical
MIE1740HSmart Materials And StructuresTechnical
MIE1742HComposite Materials DesignTechnical
MIE1744HNanomechanics Of MaterialsTechnical
MIE1745HSurface EngineeringTechnical
MIE504H1Applied Computational Fluid DynamicsTechnical
MIE515H1Alternative Energy SystemsTechnical
MIE516H1Combustion And FuelsTechnical
MIE517H1Fuel Cell SystemsTechnical
MIE519H1Advanced Manufacturing TechnologiesTechnical
MIE540H1Product DesignTechnical
MIE561H1Healthcare SystemsNon-technical
MMG1012HTopics In Molecular Genetics 1Technical
MSC1090HIntroduction To Computational Biostatistics With RTechnical
MSC7000YRegenerative MedicineTechnical
MSE1022HSpecial Topic In Material Science 1Depends on topic*
MSE1023HSpecial Topic In Material Science 2Depends on topic*
MSE1026HAnalytical Electron MicroscopyTechnical
MSE1028HAdvanced Material ScienceTechnical
MSE1031HForensic EngineeringTechnical
MSE1036HApplication Of Electrochemical Techniques In Materials ScienceTechnical
MSE1037HProcess Metallurgy Of Iron And SteelTechnical
MSE1038HComputational Materials DesignTechnical
MSE1043HComposite Materials EngineeringTechnical
MSE1058HNanotechnology In Alternate Energy SystemsTechnical
MSE1063HApplication of Artificial Intelligence in Process MetallurgyTechnical
MSE1065HAI For Material DesignTechnical
MSE1067HMaterials FailureTechnical
MSE1068HAdditive Manufacturing of Advanced Engineering MaterialsTechnical
NFS1220HIntroduction To The Principles Of NutrtionTechnical
PHM1135HNanomedicines in OncologyTechnical
PHM1140HPrinciples Of Synthetic BiologyTechnical
PHM1141HIntroduction to Education Theory, Practice, and ScholarshipNon-technical
RSM1261HManagerial NegotiationsNon-technical
STA1001HMethods Of Data Analysis 1Technical
STA1004HIntroductory Experiment DesignTechnical
TEP1010HCognitive And Psychological Foundations Of Effective LeadershipNon-technical
TEP1011HAuthentic Leadership: Engineering Your Vibrant FutureNon-technical
TEP1026HPositive Psychology For EngineersNon-technical
TEP1027HEngineering PresentationsNon-technical
TEP1029HThe Science Of Emotional Intelligence And Its Application For LeadershipNon-technical
TEP1030HEngineering Careers - Theories & Strategies To Manage Your Career For The FutureNon-technical
TEP1501HLeadership And Leading In Group And OrganizationsNon-technical
TEP1502HLeading Engineering Design ProjectsNon-technical
TEP5500HResearch Methods and Project ExecutionNot for credit**